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Used to refer to the person being addressed as the object of a verb or preposition when they are also the subject of the clause.
  1. 'see for yourself'
  2. 'You must look corruption in the eyes and fight if you ever want to better yourselves and give your children a chance.'
  3. 'While marvelling at your good fortune, treat yourselves to an exquisite dinner at The Music Room restaurant.'
  4. 'Make yourselves at home, grab a beanbag, you'll find hot chocolate supplies in the cupboard.'
  5. 'This is what happens when you try to portray yourselves as whiter than white (excuse the pun).'
  6. 'Brace yourselves, sofa spuds, for a one-off documentary called When Celebrities Strip.'
  7. 'I hope you enjoy yourselves immensely at the roast and say plenty of mean things about me.'
  8. 'It is not an offence for anyone to hold a view contrary to your own, however politically correct you may consider yourselves to be.'
  9. 'I'll let you decide for yourselves if I'm really quite as criminal, mean and stupid as Troy seems to think.'
  10. 'He added: " You allowed yourselves to be dragged into a situation you could and should have avoided.'
  11. 'If you all behave yourselves while we're away, I might bring you back something.'
You personally (used to emphasize the person being addressed)
  1. 'Mr Mahroof, I am particularly interested in how people like yourselves get onto the front row.'
  2. 'People such as yourselves ought to have the right to vote revoked immediately!'
((pron.) An emphasized or reflexive form of the pronoun of the second person; -- used as a subject commonly with you; as, you yourself shall see it; also, alone in the predicate, either in the nominative or objective case; as, you have injured yourself.)

pronoun, plural yourselves[yoo r-selvz, yawr-, yohr-, yer-]/yʊərˈsɛlvz, yɔr-, yoʊr-, yər-/(Show IPA)

1. (an emphatic appositive of you or ye

1. ): a letter you yourself wrote.

2. a reflexive form of you (used as the direct or indirect object of a verb or the object of a preposition): Don't blame yourself. Did you ever ask yourself “why”? You can think for yourself.

3. Informal. (used in place of you, especially in compound subjects, objects, and complements): Ted and yourself have been elected. We saw your sister and yourself at the game. People like yourselves always feel like that.

4. (used in absolute constructions): Yourself having so little money, how could they expect you to help?

5. your normal or customary self: You'll soon be yourself again.

6. (used in place of you after as, than, or but): scholars as famous as yourselves; a girl no older than yourself.

7. oneself: The surest way is to do it yourself.


"yourselfs can take looks at subjects."
"yourselfs can synchronize gestures with messages."
"yourselfs can see points in things."
"yourselfs can make contacts with audiences."
"yourselfs can suffer in places."
"yourselfs can think in/at/on days."
"yourselfs can think in pubs."
"yourselfs can talk to aids."
"yourselfs can take at subjects."
"yourselfs can synchronize with messages."
"yourselfs can stand out from crowds."
"yourselfs can see in things."
"yourselfs can make with audiences."
"yourselfs can jump on bandwagons."
"yourselfs can give to temptations."
"yourselfs can cough by lyings."

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