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A seven-a-side game played by swimmers in a pool, with a ball like a football that is thrown into the opponents' net. The game developed in Britain from about 1870.
  1. 'If there is a secret, it is that it takes ten years or more to develop players capable of playing good defensive water polo.'
  2. 'The complex, situated 300 yards from the beach, has a pool and organised basketball, football and water polo.'
  3. 'There are lots of great sports, from basketball to wrestling, football to water polo.'
  4. 'Some resorts have also organised games such as beach-volley ball and water polo to keep the guests engaged.'
  5. 'Is one of these explanations the reason you are playing water polo?'
  6. 'He played water polo at Lancaster University where he cycled the eight miles or so to work and went running on his lunch break.'
  7. 'The only sports she knew how to play were soccer and water polo.'
  8. 'The tactics and playing of the game are not unlike basketball or water polo.'
  9. 'The depth at the shallow end could have been kept at a level to play water polo, certainly not in excess of four feet.'
  10. 'Prior to that the former solicitor's clerk had dabbled in water polo and the triathlon.'


1. an aquatic game played by two teams of seven swimmers each, the object being to score goals by pushing, carrying, or passing an inflated ball and tossing it into the opponent's goal, defended by a goalkeeper.


water polo

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