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A mill worked by a waterwheel.
  1. 'Not that I've outgrown New York, were that even possible, but in idle moments I have found myself combing property ads for old watermills and converted stables.'
  2. 'This settlement has two wooden watermills, too, one of which is still used to grind wheat.'
  3. 'Wichamstow is just one of the more than 3,000 estates in Anglo-Saxon England with a watermill (many of these estates have more than one mill).'
  4. 'My watermill in the Dordogne is shared with a family I have holidayed with for 25 years.'
  5. 'How is it that we can be so enthralled by a timber circle, a hillfort, a medieval watermill, an ancient wood?'
  6. 'Weeks of hot weather had produced a good harvest, but many watermills were becalmed by drought, so flour remained scarce.'
  7. 'Today some 350 watermills and windmills take part in the open weekend.'
  8. 'Other monastic buildings within the precinct, which is 1000 m. long and 400 m. wide, include a watermill and guest houses.'
  9. 'In the distance, sat a large village with a moving windmill and watermill.'
  10. 'A popular footpath at Manton, near Marlborough could be diverted away from a former watermill.'


1. a mill with machinery driven by water.


"lowlands can have watermills."
"watermills can be into places."
"watermills can be in places."
"watermills can open in/at/on tomorrows."
"watermills can open to publics."
"watermills can nestle in grounds."


water mill

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