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A cannabis cigarette.
  1. 'So I started hanging round people who I used to see smoking spliffs and stuff.'
  2. 'I think so, a lot of people would be smoking spliffs instead of having cigarettes.'
  3. 'I'd had three spliffs, five pints and I needed someone.'
  4. 'When my mother found out I smoked spliffs she went ballistic.'
  5. 'The worst thing that can probably happen is that most spliffs are unfiltered so excess using will result in respiratory diseases.'
  6. 'I pulled on the soggy roach and took my first lungful of spliff.'
  7. 'When I was younger and living in the ‘Ghetto’ not everyone had a TV but it was nice to go around to someone's house for Tea, spliff and Blakes Seven or the Sweeney.'
  8. 'Does calling the album Amnesia have anything to do with the amount of spliff you guys went through while recording this thing?'

noun, Slang.

1. a marijuana cigarette, especially a large or very potent one.


"There can be spliff cases."
"spliffs can be on backs."
"spliffs can be from people/places/organizations."

1930s (originally West Indian): of unknown origin.

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