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An agricultural labourer bound by the feudal system who was tied to working on his lord's estate.
  1. 'Feudal serfs worked at back-breaking labor, dawn to dusk.'
  2. 'If not radically reformed, it will continue to consume our freedom and earnings like a swarm of locusts consumes a wheat field until we in America are no better off than the simple serfs of feudal times.'
  3. 'As I've already noted, at the lowest levels what we see is a slow but steady change from a countryside populated by slaves to one populated by peasants and serfs.'
  4. 'This was a tax paid each year by the serfs to the lord of the manor'
  5. 'In feudal times, slaves, serfs, and peasants were forced to work through different mechanisms, but the coercion and social control they experienced was external to work.'
  6. 'Not all medieval peasants were serfs, however.'
  7. 'Alexander II realized that to modernize mean that Russia needed to westernize, so in 1861 he emancipated the serfs from bondage.'
  8. 'Here in the Thirty Years War, the seigneurial system collapsed and serfs refused to perform labour services.'
  9. 'The previous neatly ordered view of the universe, with the Earth at the centre, reinforced the rigid feudal order with serfs at the bottom and the Pope at the pinnacle.'
  10. 'Such priests might very well be freed serfs, recruited from the very peasantry they baptized and buried; the social distance between their flock and themselves was minimal, if any existed at all.'


1. a person in a condition of servitude, required to render services to a lord, commonly attached to the lord's land and transferred with it from one owner to another.

2. a slave.


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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘slave’): from Old French, from Latin servus ‘slave’.

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