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A sale of assets, typically at a low price, carried out in order to dispose of them.
  1. mass noun 'the sell-off of assets of the former National Bus Company groups'
  2. 'That could force Singh to slow or halt further sell-offs of state assets in sectors like energy and food distribution.'
  3. 'The sell-off of its assets was to pay compensation to 80 victims of abuse in the order's schools and orphanages.'
  4. 'the stock market was shaken earlier this week by sell-offs in defence issues'
  5. 'Ever since the sell-off started, share prices have been dropping.'
  6. 'The sell-off in the bond market continued at the beginning of the week, sending mortgage rates higher.'


1. Stock Exchange. a sudden and marked decline in stock or bond prices resulting from widespread selling.

2. an act or instance of liquidating assets or subsidiaries, as by divestiture.


"There can be selloff processes."
"There can be selloff targets."
"There can be selloff prices."
"There can be selloff firsts."
"There can be selloff delays."
"There can be selloff deals."
"There can be selloff advisers."
"people/places/organizations can have selloffs."
"places can have selloffs."
"banks can have selloffs."
"selloffs can be in stocks."
"organizations can have selloffs."
"selloffs can be in markets."
"selloffs can be in people/places/organizations."
"selloffs can be in futures."
"selloffs can be in dollars."
"selloffs can be in bonds."
"selloffs can be on dates."
"selloffs can be in places."
"stocks can have selloffs."
"selloffs can offer people/places/organizations in/at/on percents."
"selloffs can give shares for coupons."
"selloffs can bring backs to points."
"selloffs can sink dollars to yen."
"selloffs can reduce shareholdings to shares."
"selloffs can provide impetuses for commodities."
"selloffs can offer people/places/organizations in exchanges."
"selloffs can offer people/places/organizations for coupons."
"selloffs can leave spreads on dates."
"selloffs can leave spreads between people/places/organizations."
"selloffs can leave spreads at parities."
"selloffs can take down indexes by minutes."
"selloffs can take down indexes before things."
"selloffs can shake markets in/at/on weeks."
"selloffs can send people down points."
"selloffs can sell instruments with yields."
"selloffs can saw tumbles in/at/on percents."
"selloffs can saw tumbles to points."
"selloffs can put refinerses on edges."
"selloffs can put producers into territories."



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