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A feeling of revulsion; disgusted loathing.
  1. 'This perverted abhorrence of women destines religions to collide with modernity everywhere, for to be modern is to set women free.'
  2. 'A mix of impatience and abhorrence filled his face.'
  3. 'He was filled with abhorrence and disgust for what he had done.'
  4. 'In both, a small minority seeks tolerance of behaviour that causes in the majority anything from indifference through distaste to abhorrence.'
  5. 'A consistent theme in Charles's writings is his belief in human freedom - and his abhorrence for violence and tyranny.'
  6. 'And to all those expats who long to share with us their shame and abhorrence: get over it.'
  7. 'This is far from the truth and I wonder how many of these people actually apply their abhorrence of vivisection to their own lives by refusing medical treatment?'
  8. 'My abhorrence of this particular day registers on two levels.'
  9. 'The reason for his flight has never been adequately explained but Peggy surely gets close when she talks of her father's abhorrence of critics and his manic pursuit of perfection.'
  10. 'And what's the deal with management consultants and their abhorrence of footnotes?'
((n.) Abhorrence of one's self.)

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