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A homogeneous function of two or more variables having rational or integral coefficients.
  1. 'Cayley also put a third question, a different and deeper question about irreducible invariants of a binary quantic.'
  2. 'However his most important contribution was the book ‘An Introduction to the Algebra of Quantics’ which was first published in 1895.'
((n.) A homogeneous algebraic function of two or more variables, in general containing only positive integral powers of the variables, and called quadric, cubic, quartic, etc., according as it is of the second, third, fourth, fifth, or a higher degree. These are further called binary, ternary, quaternary, etc., according as they contain two, three, four, or more variables; thus, the quantic / is a binary cubic.)

Mid 19th century: from Latin quantus ‘how great, how much’ + -ic.

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