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An additional match played to decide the outcome of a contest.
  1. as modifier 'play-off games'
  2. as modifier 'a promotion play-off place'
  3. 'We also want to go up automatically as losing in the play-off final is the worst feeling ever.'
  4. 'We were in and around the play-off zone all year but couldn't push on and get ourselves right in the mix.'
  5. 'We could end up with a scenario in which the Republic of Ireland can lay claim to a play-off place.'
  6. 'That shocking statistic is the reason Todd's side are just on the fringe of the play-off race and not in the thick of it.'
  7. 'But they have made it to the play-off final so they still have a good chance of joining us in League One.'
  8. 'The club managed to get to the play-off final a few years ago and we will be hoping to improve on last season and get into the top six.'
  9. 'We were delighted to win the Cup, but the play-off match with Saints was possibly one game too far.'
  10. 'Now it is Morecambe who ride high in their division, pressing for a play-off place into the league.'
  11. 'It may be a bit optimistic to talk about a play-off spot, but I think that is a reasonable target.'
  12. 'We all know, though, that it is impossible to predict the winner once the play-off lottery kicks off.'


1. (in competitive sports) the playing of an extra game, rounds, innings, etc., in order to settle a tie.

2. a series of games or matches, as between the leading teams of two leagues, in order to decide a championship: In America the most exciting play-off is the World Series.


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