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A mollusc of a group of mainly extinct marine molluscs which includes the pearly nautilus.
  1. 'More than 500 specimens of embryonic shells of orthocerid nautiloids from the Imo Formation were investigated.'
  2. 'Most of the nautiloids exhibited broken shells; however, the rest of the mollusks were well preserved.'
  3. 'They may represent a distinct lineage of early nautiloids, perhaps quite different anatomically to the contemporary and superficially similar oncocerids.'
  4. 'Ammonoids are descendants of the extinct, primitive coiled nautiloids and they are extinct relatives of modern squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus.'
  5. 'Some nautiloids display embryonic shells that match the dimensions of the ammonoids.'
((n.) A mollusk, or shell, of the genus Nautilus or family Nautilidae.)


"There can be nautiloid jaws."
"There can be nautiloid cephalopods."

Mid 19th century: from the modern Latin genus name Nautilus (see nautilus).

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