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A dog of a large, strong breed with drooping ears and pendulous lips.
  1. 'If a peasant wanted to leave the county, he had to pay a toll on one of my bridges and had to be back before night-fall, lest my feared mastiffs track him down and tear him limb-from-limb.'
  2. 'Others claim the bulldog resulted from the crosses between mastiffs and Dutch pug dogs.'
  3. 'The adjacent moat was found to contain the well preserved skulls of two lions and a leopard, and dog skulls - possibly mastiffs used for baiting - which were dated to between the 14th and 17th centuries.'
  4. 'The Himalayan mastiff is a much bigger dog, a loveable-looking animal on the lines of the Great Pyrenees.'
  5. 'The superdogs, which have been seen in packs as large as 16, are crosses between native dingos and Rottweilers and mastiffs, the latter two well known for their strength and aggression.'
  6. 'The presa canario - a cross of the bardino majero, an extinct Spanish breed, and the English mastiff - is typical of dogs engineered to fight other animals.'
  7. 'Towns urged residents to purchase hounds and mastiffs and train them to hunt wolves.'
  8. 'Three large mastiffs rush into the room, snarling.'
  9. 'It is said that what the lion is to the cat, the mastiff is to the dog.'
  10. 'Large packs of black matted mastiffs prowl the streets for scraps, occasionally breaking into fights of heart-stopping ferocity.'
((n.) A breed of large dogs noted for strength and courage. There are various strains, differing in form and color, and characteristic of different countries.)


1. one of a breed of large, powerful, short-haired dogs having an apricot, fawn, or brindled coat.


"There can be mastiff types."
"There can be mastiff jaws."
"There can be mastiff dogs."
"princes can have mastiffs."
"mastiffs can be at heels."
"mastiffs can tear to pieces."
"mastiffs can come to lives."

Middle English: from Old French mastin, based on Latin mansuetus ‘tame’.

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