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A slit made by cutting with a saw.
  1. 'A metal blade is set in the kerf and this is tapped to split the stone.'
  2. 'Simply place the clip end into the kerf in your apron and screw the other end to your table top.'
  3. 'I cut a series of kerfs in the notch area and knocked out the waste with a chisel and mallet.'
  4. 'The set, or alternating tilt of each tooth, cuts a kerf that is wider than the thickness of the blade.'
The cut end of a felled tree.
    ((n.) A notch, channel, or slit made in any material by cutting or sawing.)


    1. a cut or incision made by a saw or the like in a piece of wood.

    2. Mining. a deep cut a few inches high, used to undermine a portion of a coal or mineral seam.

    3. the act of cutting or carving. verb (used with object)

    4. to make a kerf or kerfs in (a piece of wood, a coal seam, etc.).

    Old English cyrf ‘cutting, a cut’, of West Germanic origin; related to carve.

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