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Take or follow as a model.
  1. 'For children are what we make them, and however much we lecture them they'll imitate a role model of their choice, be it a favourite sports personality, pop artist, TV soap star, or film actor.'
  2. 'They are submerged in American culture, singing American pop songs and imitating cultural behaviors.'
  3. 'The Chicago model was imitated or at least adapted elsewhere.'
  4. 'While handing over the charter to the President, the students were conscious of the fact that the youth imitated their role models in films and therefore sensitising film actors and directors was the most apt thing to do.'
  5. 'And also, importantly, that it does not merely imitate existing models, but itself becomes the example that all others will follow.'
  6. 'Although he could not read music, he had a keen ear and often imitated the styles of other musicians.'
  7. 'I was kind of angry, but also proud that my work had been imitated so closely.'
  8. 'In other words, art is simply imitating life and by analyzing pop culture we get a bearing on society.'
  9. 'So why not imitate nature to extract renewable energy without harming the environment?'
  10. 'A class of urbanized government officials and professionals developed that often imitated styles of the earlier aristocracy.'
  11. 'That is, motivated by prestige and upward mobility, lower class women try to imitate the speech of the upper class but miss the target and end up with affrication rather than frication.'
  12. 'Timmy then promptly began imitating a blonde model, screaming and fluttering his eyelashes.'
  13. 'He had grown fairly adept at imitating Jimjim's clipped speech.'
  14. 'When he graduates with a BA, he's already talking like a doctor, imitates doctors' mannerisms, and has developed a bedside manner - all before he even gets to medical school.'
  15. 'He would imitate Cameron's mannerisms and everything.'
  16. 'With the presenter's help, Lipan imitated the gestures and the speech of a psychic but did it with a lot of sarcasm.'
  17. 'There is nothing wrong in imitating mannerisms found in every human being.'
  18. 'He spoke slowly and clearly in his Elneside dialect, instead of imitating the speech of the easterners as he often did now in order to be easily understood.'
  19. 'When recalling the conversation, she imitates his voice with a slow, rocking-chair-like southern accent.'
  20. 'Zoe carefully imitated what Brian had done and began climbing down the other side.'
  21. 'synthetic fabrics can now imitate everything from silk to rubber'
  22. 'They learn from doing, from a simulated experience that very closely imitates real life scenarios.'
  23. 'But some simulations imitate real people and economies more closely than others, just as some physics models produce more authentic collisions.'
  24. 'Simulation is an analytical method designed to imitate a real-life system.'
  25. 'For example, simulations can be used to imitate a specific market situation.'
((n.) One who imitates.)

Mid 16th century: from Latin imitat- ‘copied’, from the verb imitari; related to imago ‘image’.

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