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A person who devises and implements a new or highly imaginative concept or technology, in particular one who devises the attractions in Walt Disney theme parks.
  1. 'It turns out that they're hucksters, though - they go to improbably lengths to set up hoax monsters that would earn respect from Disneyworld's imagineers.'
  2. 'In the absence of hard evidence and faced with an event which looked so much like the popcorn Armageddon of Hollywood's top imagineers, the public have been turning to esoteric sources for explanation and comfort.'


Devise and implement (a new or highly imaginative concept or technology)
  1. 'They don't understand the need to imagineer the smart society and think out of the box.'
  2. 'It seems like the people over at Disney have imagineered a great way to save money.'
  3. 'Take, for example, a new packaging concept imagineered recently in the online industry newsletter.'


1. a person who practices or is skilled in imagineering.



1940s: from imagine, on the pattern of engineer.

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