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A person who performs tricks that deceive the eye; a magician.
  1. 'After charming his way through the Hollywood social scene, Keith Barry is poised to become one of the select magicians and illusionists to enjoy mainstream stardom in the USA.'
  2. 'There were fine nuggets of legerdemain, courtesy of the illusionist Paul Kieve.'
  3. 'The glammiest illusionists, Siegfried and Roy, have played one Vegas room or another since 1967.'
  4. 'He becomes less a magician and more and more not only an illusionist of increasing power, but one bent on tormenting his audience rather than entertaining them.'
  5. 'Stage magicians and conjurers are of course illusionists, not magicians in the historical context of the word.'
  6. 'The fun starts at the Rio hotel-casino with a show by a gifted illusionist and a classical pianist, called Jarrett & Raja.'
  7. 'One is left doubting where the artist's loyalty lies, suspecting that this is the work of an illusionist rather than a true magician.'
  8. 'An illusionist has had to abandon plans to climax his UK tour at Epsom Playhouse because staff are apparently fed up with the repeated failure of magic acts.'
  9. 'Aurélia Thierée has performed as an actress and illusionist since she was very young.'
  10. 'The talented threesome are acrobats, jugglers, clowns and illusionists, all rolled into one.'
((n.) One given to illusion; a visionary dreamer.)


1. a conjurer or magician who creates illusions, as by sleight of hand.

2. an adherent of illusionism.


"illusionists can be on stages."
"illusionists can be on scales."

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