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The action of setting something on fire or starting to burn.
  1. 'Fires were simple, so beautifully destructive, and yet so easy to get away with due to the lag time between ignition and full-blown flames.'
  2. 'The cast-iron grate can hold 18 burgers, and one-touch ignition makes lighting the fire a cinch.'
  3. 'Our descent into hell was caused by a bolt of lightening striking, with unerring accuracy, a vessel which contained a chemical that doesn't get on well with sources of ignition.'
  4. 'The danger is that the child s hand is still in the line of fire when ignition occurs and severe burns result.'
  5. 'She questioned the health and safety representative, also on the possibility of ignition by a spark from a chimney fire, and of the likelihood of peat being ignited.'
  6. 'At this stage we are treating it as suspected deliberate ignition.'
  7. 'Station officer Ian Hanley said they were treating the cause as deliberate ignition by youths.'
  8. 'The majority of cooking equipment fires start with the ignition of cooking oil from overheating.'
  9. 'Any combustible material burns more rapidly when heated before ignition.'
  10. 'Keep away from sources of ignition and direct sunlight.'
  11. 'Other unusual engine features include valve timing control and direct fuel ignition.'
  12. 'A fourth strategy is to use water injection to slow the temperature rise in the combustion chamber, thereby delaying ignition until the charge is well mixed.'
  13. 'In the early 70's came electronic ignition and electronic fuel injection.'
  14. 'The concept is creating a mixture of fuel and air capable of spontaneous ignition at multiple points instead of at a single location.'
  15. 'The SP Howitzer shall have a laser ignition system that shall provide for a minimum of 30 ignitions without replenishment of the ignition source.'
  16. 'This design of the flash reducer precludes ignition of the rocket motor for RAP.'
  17. 'Alice quickly followed her, closed the door, fumbled with the key before finally getting it into the ignition, switched in on, then took a few deep breaths.'
  18. 'With an auxiliary generator capability, the truck's generator can operate when the truck is parked without a key in the ignition.'
  19. 'After switching off the ignition, she climbed out.'
  20. 'Buffy switched off the ignition and leaned forward, resting her forehead on the steering wheel.'
  21. 'He switched off the ignition and as he was about to take off his seatbelt a gunman appeared.'
  22. 'Cat switched off the ignition and hopped out of the truck.'
  23. 'He released the steering lock and switched on the ignition.'
  24. 'PC Broadhurst got out, went over to the car and took the keys from its ignition.'
  25. 'Pitching the protesting owner onto the dock, he switched the ignition on.'
  26. 'I took the keys from the ignition of the jeep, and moved around back to the trunk.'
((n.) The act of igniting, kindling, or setting on fire.|--|(n.) The state of being ignited or kindled.|--|)


1. the act or fact of igniting; state of being ignited.

2. a means or device for igniting.

3. (in an internal-combustion engine) the process that ignites the fuel in the cylinder.


"There can be ignition facilities."
"There can be ignition sources."
"There can be ignition timings."
"There can be ignition buttons."
"There can be ignition batteries."
"There can be ignition temperatures."
"There can be ignition coils."
"There can be ignition circuits."
"There can be ignition whiles."
"There can be ignition products."
"There can be ignition points."
"There can be ignition mechanisms."
"There can be ignition managements."
"There can be ignition immobilisers."
"There can be ignition devices."
"There can be ignition sequences."
"There can be ignition retimeds."
"There can be ignition interlocks."
"There can be ignition faults."
"There can be ignition electrodes."
"ignitions can believe causes in islands."
"ignition systems can place coils near spark plugs."
"ignitions can spark at burners."
"ignitions can occur from heats."
"ignitions can make in rooms."
"ignitions can lead to releases."
"ignitions can lead from stacks."
"ignitions can believe in islands."
"ignition systems can place near spark plugs."

Early 17th century (denoting the heating of a substance to the point of combustion or chemical change): from medieval Latin ignitio(n-), from the verb ignire ‘set on fire’ (see ignite).

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