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The worship of idols.
  1. 'Distinctions in moral values are valid for God and for us: truth is to be valued over falsehood, faithfulness over infidelity, true worship over idolatry, and so on.'
  2. 'The sin of idolatry may lie less in the actual action of worshipping a foreign god than in the denial of the universals that such worship implies.'
  3. 'He preached the worship of the One Supreme Being, deprecating idolatry and superstitious beliefs and observances.'
  4. 'Mosaic law also makes idolatry or the worship of other gods a capital offense, along with a host of other crimes, including adultery, cursing one's parents, and sodomy.'
  5. 'Wandering amongst the statues, the irony was not lost on me that I was spending my celebration of the victory of God over idolatry, surrounded by idols.'
  6. 'It is the difference between pagan idolatry and true worship of our Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.'
  7. 'To address a creature as the ‘All Holy One’ is consummate blasphemy and idolatry.'
  8. 'We are commanded against idolatry precisely because idolatry is the freezing of God in a static image, a violation of the imagination, a limiting of possibility.'
  9. 'Idols are worshipped by various religions, while idolatry is blasphemy to others.'
  10. 'No matter what form religion may take, idolatry is the foundation of its worship.'
  11. 'There are other idolatries also in the modern world.'
  12. 'It is the idolatry of people which can give us a sense of reflected importance or purpose.'
  13. 'Condemning the ‘modern idolatry of lust, greed, power and pride’, Dr Hope said a safe and secure world would only result if humans engaged in the challenge to look again at the way we live our lives.'
  14. 'That's where idolatry ends and a crime of love, so to say, begins.'
  15. 'Against this command the human mind is always dashing itself, and in one shape or another idolatry is the ruling religion of mankind.'
  16. 'But without a literal idol or incense to burn, what does sports idolatry look like for the one who says he believes Jesus is Lord?'
  17. 'Through this point of view, Brontë herself speaks to the readers and warns of idolatry.'
  18. 'It was an idolatry that had become one of society's assumed norms.'
  19. 'NME went so far as to imply that you'd better catch The Vines before frontman Craig Nicholls took his Kurt Cobain idolatry to its logical extreme.'
  20. 'Accusing admirers of science of idolatry is worse.'
((n.) The worship of idols, images, or anything which is not God; the worship of false gods.|--|(n.) Excessive attachment or veneration for anything; respect or love which borders on adoration.|--|)

noun, plural idolatries.

1. the religious worship of idols.

2. excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion, etc.


"worlds can have idolatries."
"relics can have idolatries."
"fetisheses can have idolatries."
"characteristics can have idolatries."
"arts can have idolatries."
"idolatries can be in parishes."
"idolatries can be in churches."
"idolatries can be for people."
"idolatries can be beyond beliefs."
"idolatries can be at people/places/organizations."

Middle English: from Old French idolatrie, based on Greek eidōlolatreia, from eidōlon (see idol) + -latreia ‘worship’.

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