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A steep part of a glacier like a frozen waterfall.
  1. 'One swing and one screw at a time we slowly made our way up the bottom icefall.'
  2. 'These are some of the thoughts running thru our heads as we headed up into the actual icefall today.'
  3. 'We are all looking forward to going into the base of the icefall tomorrow to try our luck on the crevasse ladders.'
  4. 'The glaciers, the icefalls, the three summits - we can see none of it.'
  5. 'And the following day they are base camp bound, which also means the last trip down through the icefall.'
  6. 'For all we knew it could well have carried on getting steeper, ending at an icefall or in a crevasse field.'
  7. 'Just as Kato's team was making probing forays over the icefall successive avalanches forced a French expedition to switch its climbing route.'
An avalanche or fall of loose pieces of ice.
  1. 'Dozens of icefalls (ice avalanches) now occur per day all around us.'
  2. 'Just as long as you don't forget that, in the end, it's not lightning or rapids, avalanches or equipment, rockslides or icefalls that are going to get you.'
((n.) A frozen waterfall, or mass of ice resembling a frozen waterfall.)


1. a jumbled mass of ice in a glacier.

2. a mass of ice overhanging a precipice.

3. a falling of ice from a glacier, iceberg, etc.


"icefalls can be at feet."
"icefalls can form to gullies."

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