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A young bovine animal, especially a domestic cow or bull in its first year.
  1. 'Newborn buffalo calves, like bovine calves, can succumb in large numbers to viruses, bacteria, and poor nutrition.'
  2. 'There will be special arrangements for the movement of young calves, bulls, breeding pigs and probably sheep in the autumn.'
  3. 'He also received second place for his heifer in calf and second for his calf bull.'
  4. 'They raise their own replacement heifers and sell their bull calves to another organic farmer nearby.'
  5. 'There were one hundred and thirty lots in all from bull calves, and heifer calves.'
  6. 'He rears the bull calves to a year-and-a-half and the heifer calves to two-year-olds.'
  7. 'On April 28 this year, the same cow delivered three Charolais bull calves, any one of which would be an acceptable size single.'
  8. 'The young and dairy-type Friesian bull calves have dropped back to €50 / head at the low end of the price scale.'
  9. 'In all 12 heifers and 12 bull calves have qualified for the final.'
  10. 'He gets top prices for his bull calves at Ballina Mart - last year his bull calves made over 400 Euro with their weight and were sold for bull beef.'
  11. 'Whale calves also surface in the ring of open water, right next to their mothers.'
  12. 'They observed an orphaned elephant calf being rejected from its herd.'
  13. 'Neither actual mating of blue whales nor birth of a calf have been observed in modern times, and the breeding grounds for some populations are still unknown.'
  14. 'Gray whale calves are born in the winter after a gestation period of about 13.5 months.'
  15. 'Killing a large whale is too dangerous for the calf, but as a spectator, it picks up lethal techniques like ramming, drowning, and biting the prey.'
  16. 'Numerous skeletons of young calves have also been unearthed, many of them nestled next to adult females, no doubt their mothers.'
  17. 'The transients ambush them - they have a taste for the gray whale calves' high-energy blubber and protein-rich tongues.'
  18. 'Like the elephant calf in Africa that decided to play football with a crocodile, little realising the danger till the mother elephant shooed it away.'
  19. 'Here, whales bear their calves in warm, sheltered water.'
  20. 'A killer whale calf learned the trick of luring gulls to the surface of the water with fish.'
  21. 'Made from moose leather with rawhide bindings crisscrossing around the calf they looked like something Shackleton would have improvised adrift on the ice-floes.'
A floating piece of ice detached from an iceberg.


    The fleshy part at the back of a person's leg below the knee.
    1. 'Then, begin stretching the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon, which attaches the calf muscles to the heel bone.'
    2. 'In patients with venous insufficiency damage occurs to the veins or calf muscle pump, resulting in high venous pressures in the deep veins.'
    3. 'The veins in the deep system drain the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calf.'
    4. 'From the ankle, the saphenous vein ascends the calf along the border of the gastrocnemius muscle.'
    5. 'Segmental pressures are obtained bilaterally on the lower extremities at the thigh, above the knee, the calf, and the ankle.'
    6. 'That's partly because you've lost flexibility in the calf and the soleus muscle, which is near the ankle.'
    7. 'It cuts the leg below the calf, and all muscle bellies except those of gastrocnemius are present.'
    8. 'Using this technique, the surgeon makes an incision in the back of the knee and retracts the calf muscle.'
    9. 'Exercise in the heat can bring on heat cramps, which usually affect tired muscles in the calves, thighs and shoulders.'
    10. 'The devotees were also treated for their excruciating pain in their shoulders, neck, back, thighs, knees, calves, ankle and foot.'
    ((n.) The young of the cow, or of the Bovine family of quadrupeds. Also, the young of some other mammals, as of the elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and whale.|--|(n.) Leather made of the skin of the calf; especially, a fine, light-colored leather used in bookbinding; as, to bind books in calf.|--|(n.) An awkward or silly boy or young man; any silly person; a dolt.|--|(n.) A small island near a larger; as, the Calf of Man.|--|(n.) A small mass of ice set free from the submerged part of a glacier or berg, and rising to the surface.|--|(n.) The fleshy hinder part of the leg below the knee.|--|)

    noun, plural calves[kavz, kahvz]/kævz, kɑvz/(Show IPA)

    1. the young of the domestic cow or other bovine animal.

    2. the young of certain other mammals, as the elephant, seal, and whale.

    3. calfskin leather.

    4. Informal. an awkward, silly boy or man.

    5. a mass of ice detached from a glacier, iceberg, or floe. Idioms

    6. in calf, (of a cow or other animal having calves) pregnant.

    7. kill the fatted calf, to prepare an elaborate feast in welcome or celebration.


    "There can be calf muscles."
    "There can be calf strains."
    "There can be calf crops."
    "There can be calf serums."
    "There can be calf losses."
    "There can be calf receipts."
    "There can be calf leathers."
    "There can be calf raises."
    "There can be calf pens."
    "There can be calf slaughters."
    "There can be calf fedses."
    "There can be calf problems."
    "There can be calf loves."
    "There can be calf livers."
    "There can be calf holes."
    "There can be calf embryos."
    "There can be calf weights."
    "There can be calf starters."
    "There can be calf rearings."
    "There can be calf productions."

    Middle English: from Old Norse kálfi, of unknown origin.

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