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A book or other product that sells in very large numbers.
  1. as modifier 'the bestseller list'
  2. 'So when I started writing, if someone said you're going to have a book in the best-seller list, I would have thought that's amazing and I would give my right arm for that.'
  3. 'The latest, Seven-Up, is currently on every hardcover best-seller list.'
  4. 'When a book makes a best-seller list it is instantly less interesting to me We are awash in great books, more than we could possibly read'
  5. 'Cookery shows are absolutely on the TV almost every day of the week, cookery books are in the best-seller list yet people cook less than ever before.'
  6. 'It also reached the best-seller list in Ireland, selling out this week in some Dublin book stores.'
  7. 'The fact that they produce fiction that tops the secular best-seller lists, almost all of it apocalyptic, suggests that the charm remains.'
  8. 'He's got a new hit book out already the best-seller list called ‘How to Know God.’'
  9. 'To the surprise of everyone involved, the book shot up the best-seller list.'
  10. 'It's a story that needs to be told more often, rather than the warm, pink fuzziness we get from books on the best-seller lists.'
  11. 'Well, right after I wrote that book and it got on the best-seller list, publishers came to me with offers.'


1. a book that is among those having the largest sales during a given period.

2. any product that among those of its kind is selling particularly well at a given time: This car was a bestseller last year.


The Bible is a best-seller book.



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