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The front part of the human trunk below the ribs, containing the stomach and bowels.
  1. 'Now he puts the light sounds with something else remembered, with primrose, with laughter, and down through him a prickle runs and it seems to stop in his belly, below him.'
  2. 'Jon heard a yell, sounding very far away, and felt the pain yank him up like a string through his belly.'
  3. 'Use slow, steady, deep breaths from your belly, not your chest.'
  4. 'He held his breath and swung his arms out, but a fist buried itself in his belly, emptying his lungs, and when he sucked in air, he knew he was in terrible trouble.'
  5. 'Our little girl was wriggling around trying to get comfy while the sonographer bounced the ultrasound stick on my belly to try and get her to shift to a good position so we could see all four chambers of her heart.'
  6. 'She was then tossed across a horse's withers and cried out involuntarily as her belly slammed into the horse's back.'
  7. 'We stood, our bellies content and our bodies consumed with fatigue.'
  8. 'She claims to know what I need, and perhaps she does, because I need so little - the sun to rise; food in my belly.'
  9. 'Taking these drugs is quite a complicated procedure, which often involves taking a combination of 10 or more drugs at the correct time of day, and not on a belly starved of food or water.'
  10. 'What we have done is to feed them enough to fill their bellies of the right foods, giving them no more than they need at one time, but doing it several times a day.'
  11. 'Hunger also spurs millions of children to drop out of school in order to scavenge for food, and those who manage to attend school despite empty bellies find it excruciatingly hard to concentrate.'
  12. 'Food was scarce, and the infant Ono made up a game of visualising sumptuous feasts to keep their minds off their empty bellies.'
  13. 'It won't put medicine in decrepit hospitals or food in empty bellies.'
  14. 'It's bad enough living this way, feeding your kids low-cost food that fills their bellies but doesn't fulfill the requirements of good nutrition.'
  15. 'Plus, having food in your belly can lower your chances of upset stomach, which vitamins can sometimes cause.'
  16. 'But after this, he thought of what a sensational delight it would be to feel tears running backwards through himself and into his empty belly.'
  17. 'You have a decent place to live, electricity, food in your belly, clean water to drink, clothes on your back, etc.'
  18. 'Juncos, the dark gray birds with the white bellies, are also sparrows, but they are so distinctive that you don't need a description from me.'
  19. 'Rather than flapping the wings from back to belly, as other birds do, the partridges flap from head to tail.'
  20. 'Once, grasses in the Big Bend region of Texas were said to have been tall enough to brush the bellies of horses.'
  21. 'The Silver-eyes, like the ones I saw in Australia, have gray backs and gray bellies.'
  22. 'The birds were spectacular with a black belly with large white spots on the side and a deep chestnut collar and a white cheekpatch.'
  23. 'But the wily Ulysses had tied his men under the bellies of the animals.'
  24. 'The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun beating its legs trying to turn itself over but it can't, not without your help, but you're not helping.'
  25. 'The blinded Cyclops at the cave exit feels the emerging animals, under whose bellies Odysseus and his followers are clinging.'
  26. 'They are light underneath, with finely streaked chests and bellies.'
  27. 'The dish is whale, minke whale, a little strip of raw flesh from the belly of an animal protected from commercial hunting by a moratorium that has survived 15 years.'
  28. 'The food is both inventive and hearty - braised belly pork with black pudding, anyone?'
  29. 'Add the belly pork, 150 ml soy sauce, the sherry, the halved red chilli, two cloves of garlic, two thirds of the sliced root ginger and the star anise.'
  30. 'Choucroute, a statement of Alsatian identity on a plate, is a sturdy dish of sauerkraut laden with cured and boiled meats: smoked sausage, ham knuckles, belly pork.'
  31. 'Octopus and squid ceviche, salt cod croquettes and pot-roast belly pork and cheeks were all good enough to go back for.'
  32. 'Living on a staple diet of belly pork, collar bacon, and beef dripping, her arteries should have been as choked as the M1 on a Friday evening.'
  33. 'They contain lots of seasonings, and the ingredients are mostly high in saturated fat, for example, pork belly, fatty meat or instant noodles.'
  34. '‘We use those parts of the pig that are the least valued: the soft belly pork, the lungs, head, ears, tongue and kidneys ’, body parts which have no place in the average steak and roast regime.'
  35. 'Arrange the cut fillet around the pork belly and drizzle with the sauce.'
  36. 'This morning, fairly confident that I could maintain a steady supply of smoke at a fairly constant temperature I hung the 2 sides of belly pork in to be smoked for 24 hours.'
  37. 'Reheat pork belly in simmering water for ten minutes and cut open bag.'
  38. 'Her husband, Harvey, is a commodity broker, but he would sooner die, she insists on his behalf, than trade pork bellies.'
  39. 'You can buy pork bellies the same way you buy stocks.'
  40. 'The owners treated their serfs as if they were a commodity like pork bellies.'
The rounded underside of a ship or aircraft.
  1. 'NASA is studying videotape that shows a piece of tile falling off the shuttle's belly during this morning's launch.'
  2. 'The prisoners milled around the belly of the ship as they tried to find a place to call home.'
  3. 'Bull came up from the belly of the ship and stood on the deck.'
  4. 'She turned to see her father wave to her and then ascend the ramp into the belly of the ship.'
  5. 'Most of the incoming freight arrives at Heathrow in the belly of wide-bodied passenger aircraft and is then sent onwards to Scotland via road, rail and sea.'
  6. 'Engines began to hum deep in the belly of the ship, but Boertousce's grin only widened, the lips peeling back as if mocking his efforts.'
  7. 'But, before we can fully digest our thoughts, a man pushes us down a set of stairs into the belly of the ship.'
  8. 'The hook-up is made by directions given to the receiver aircraft through a system of lights located on the belly of the aircraft just behind the nose gear.'
  9. 'Matthew followed the others to the stairwell that led down into the belly of the ship.'
  10. 'So now the aircraft's on its belly sliding down the runway.'
  11. 'And so it was that the missile, diving like a kingfisher, struck the ship in the belly.'
  12. 'The bridge must be made of the proper grade of maple, properly cut with regard to the grain of the wood, and perfectly fitted to the belly of the cello.'
  13. 'The lira type had a broad pear shape, with a wooden belly and usually three strings.'


Swell or cause to swell.
  1. with object 'the wind bellied the sail out'
  2. 'After the balloon bellied out into full form, its five passengers climbed into the basket.'
  3. 'Then the partitioning curtain bellied out ahead of a draught, and ashes from the fire scudded in among our bare feet.'
Move or sit close to (a bar or table)
  1. 'The two men looked at us as we bellied up to the bar.'
  2. 'So, on went the leash and Cinnamon bellied up to the bar.'
  3. 'But not everyone enjoys the opportunity to belly up, regardless of what's offered.'
  4. 'So on my first visit, I dutifully bellied up to the upstairs sushi bar, ordered a shiny portion of botan shrimp, and prepared to ignore the contents of the standard brasserie menu filled with the same old tired frites and frisée salads.'
  5. 'The brand-new Midfield Terminal, opening this month, features the OraOxygen Spa where the jet-lagged can get a massage or belly up to the oxygen bar for a rejuvenating whiff.'
  6. 'But I was glad to belly up to the bar and to pay my money to connect with real people with real passion.'
  7. 'I bellied up to a flimsy, portable bar that had been set up for the occasion.'
  8. '‘You're the first,’ the bartender said as I bellied up to the little bar at Sueños, the aptly named new Mexican restaurant in Chelsea.'
  9. 'So you belly up to a bar in hopes of getting a yeasty taste of the brewer's art, maybe a fine dark beer with plenty of malt, a good head, and some real punch to it.'
  10. 'When it comes time to make a deal, we know how to get them to belly up to the bar.'
  11. 'Soon a small posse of men in black roll into town in big dark luxury car and belly up to the diner counter.'
((n.) One whose great pleasure it is to gratify his appetite; a glutton; an epicure.)

Old English belig ‘bag’, of Germanic origin, from a base meaning ‘swell, be inflated’.

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