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A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress.
  1. 'she was in bed by nine'
  2. 'I was going to go back to bed this morning but I didn't feel tired.'
  3. 'Not wanting to go back to sleep, she slipped out of bed, and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.'
  4. 'I have a small cell with a single bed, and there's a sink, a bookshelf, a little stool and somewhere to store underclothes.'
  5. 'It wasn't that late, but she was tired and felt like curling up in bed and going to sleep.'
  6. 'There certainly wasn't enough space in my room for anything larger than a single bed.'
  7. 'If it takes longer than 20 or 30 minutes to get to sleep, do not lie in bed becoming anxious about sleeping.'
  8. 'I just don't enjoy leaping out of bed and into a pile of my sisters old smelly socks.'
  9. 'Many of these fires happen when someone falls asleep in bed or on upholstered furniture such as a sofa while smoking.'
  10. 'You name it, they transport it on the back of their bicycle - animals, sofas, beds, car parts, other bicycles.'
  11. 'To help keep a child in bed while settling to sleep, try story tapes, or books they can read to themselves.'
  12. 'This was not due to lack of trying but due to a health service that has failed us, a minister that has done little to help and a hospital that has insufficient beds and staff.'
  13. 'An East Yorkshire hospital is down to its last five free beds as adult patients are forced to use a children's ward.'
  14. 'Nurses working for the Auckland Mental Health Service are refusing to admit patients unless hospitals have beds and staff available.'
  15. 'Hospitals found guilty of bad management and keeping patients in beds too long have been hit with fines totalling €6.4 million.'
  16. '‘The targets have meant hospitals pushing patients through beds even when they should be closed for cleaning to get rid of infection,’ he said.'
  17. 'Elderly patients stuck in hospital beds because of a care crisis will be moved by next month, York's head of social services has promised.'
  18. 'Staff at Hemel Hempstead General Hospital yesterday set aside extra beds and intensive care facilities for anyone suffering complications as a result of the smoke hanging over the area.'
  19. 'In Edinburgh, 200 of the 2000 acute hospital beds are blocked with patients who do not need to be there.'
  20. 'Ms Harney said she would target A & E units and step-down facilities for elderly patients in acute beds.'
  21. 'It has been blamed on a rise in emergency admissions and a heavy workload, which means patients are transferred from beds, wards and hospitals quickly.'
  22. in combination 'a three-bed detached house'
  23. 'An old four bed farmhouse in need of renovation and a range of stone outbuildings on the land offer huge potential.'
  24. 'I know of one couple who can't have any children, and should be in a one bed flat.'
  25. 'Council bosses have branded the garden of his six-bed semi an eyesore and have ordered him to clean it up.'
  26. 'Until about July, two and three bed houses sold on my estate in days, sometimes hours as it's a popular estate.'
  27. 'To think they would be smart enough to go steal a car and raid your three bed semi is ridiculous.'
  28. 'A two-bed in the same area in 1995 would cost about £550 whereas today they cost around £900 per month.'
  29. 'Prices start at £370,000 for two-bed apartments, with three-beds starting at £440,000.'
  30. 'Mel and the boys made their beds in their Transit van and toured the pubs and clubs of southern England.'
  31. 'I pushed past him into the small room and set the child down on the circular bed of animal furs as gently as possible.'
  32. 'Prisoners describe the cells as five by 10 metres, with a large bucket serving as a toilet in the corner of each cell and blankets for beds.'
  33. 'Banana leaves laid on the dirt floor serve as beds for visitors.'
  34. 'He walks outside and heads for the barn where he finds Stuart and Nick hard at work forking new hay for the animals' beds.'
  35. 'Before him was a very messily thrown-together bed of a pile of leaves with a sheet spread over it.'
  36. 'He saw his mother lying pathetically on a pile of blankets serving as a makeshift bed.'
  37. 'Hannah yanked a pair of khaki capris from under the dog that had made a bed in one the many piles of clothes.'
  38. 'Life is austere and, as his fellow workers do, he makes and sleeps in a straw bed.'
  39. 'Living in a bare floored, unheated cell with a bed of straw, she spent her days rising at 5.00 am.'
  40. 'he's incredibly good in bed'
  41. 'She and Austin had been married for two whole months, but he had yet to take her to bed and make love with her.'
  42. 'Remember lieutenant, the quickest way to a girl's bed is through her parents.'
  43. 'In my whole life I had never been to bed with someone without having had a drink.'
  44. 'Here is a lovely guy who is kind, generous and good to me and who is great in bed and I am telling him to back off - why?'
The bottom of the sea or a lake or river.
  1. 'The water flowed over the rocks in the stream bed, and as it flowed, it seemed to sing.'
  2. 'The muddy bed of the river is littered with boulders, but not ones that have arrived by geological forces.'
  3. 'Meanwhile, Elkenback and his crew spotted the fourth truck in the stream bed to the north.'
  4. 'Some say they were found by locals on the bed of a river, others in an unidentified cave.'
  5. 'From its station near the bed of the river, it surges up to snatch at smaller fish foolish enough to swim through its field of vision.'
  6. 'The little silvery streams criss-crossing the river bed are enough for them to eke out a living.'
  7. 'Sediments on lake bottoms and sea beds are far richer in biomarker molecules than we might suspect.'
  8. 'Sponges are a plant-like sea animal which are harvested from the ocean bed.'
  9. 'Environment officials fear that concentrations of heavy metals primarily lead, copper, and zinc in the beds of the affected rivers could work their way into the food chain.'
  10. 'With its river beds, attractive hill ridges and stunning mountains, it provides city dwellers access to nature right on their doorstep.'
  11. 'the Firth of Forth was once home to vast beds of oysters'
  12. 'The development of sewage systems by Victorian engineers meant human effluent was discharged into the sea, contaminating many shellfish beds.'
  13. 'After the island came a long beach stroll; oystercatchers plundered the mussel beds and crows feasted on small crabs.'
  14. 'Large mussel beds are also common in many areas.'
  15. 'Possibly, wanderlust could have played a role, following herds up into the Middle East or following the shell fish beds out into the Arabian peninsular and on into India.'
  16. 'Not only was it the same colour as the mussel bed, but it had an assortment of tiny shell fragments all over its body.'
  17. 'It was dry at low tide and filled quickly as the tide came in, the sides of the bay were stony and the bay itself was sandy with large mussel beds.'
  18. 'The island has an untouched oyster bed while the general area has mussel and cockle beds.'
  19. 'The mussel beds have to be maintained during the growing period.'
  20. 'Horse mussel beds create a habitat for about 100 other species, but they are being destroyed by scallop dredging.'
  21. 'Oyster beds can really get messed up by a big storm coming through.'
An area of ground, typically in a garden, where flowers and plants are grown.
  1. 'a bed of tulips'
  2. 'Therefore, roses are generally most successful if grown in beds away from large plants.'
  3. 'Raised beds make gardening possible on sites where growing plants would otherwise be impossible.'
  4. 'Gardeners who have recently moved almost always welcome new plants to fill empty beds.'
  5. 'Most home gardeners now opt for planting in beds rather than rows.'
  6. 'This versatile plant serves the gardener well in beds and borders.'
  7. 'The playground, with a maypole and little roundabouts, and raised beds where children could grow vegetables and flowers, was vitally important.'
  8. 'With Ceres as an inspiration and while the sun shines down, all I want to do is potter around in the garden and start great beds of lush healthy plants.'
  9. 'Chickens roam freely between beds of flowers and vegetables.'
  10. 'As soon as the ground can be worked, dig or till compost or other organic matter into the soil to prepare flower and vegetable beds for spring planting.'
  11. 'An avid gardener, she planted beds with hardy perennials.'
A stratum or layer of rock.
  1. 'The quartz here was in flat-lying beds just below the surface.'
  2. 'Some of the sandstone beds are c.1.5 m thick with some cross bedding and burrows.'
  3. 'The development of Skolithos trace fossils on the upper surface of some beds suggests periodical emergence into an intertidal zone.'
  4. 'Sandstone beds within the conglomerates are locally planar cross-bedded.'
  5. 'Ash layers are generally interleaved with beds of lava and sediment, and so a rock that contains such a layer was formed at approximately the time of the ash deposition.'
  6. 'In the upper unit, flat-lying carbonate beds alternate with sands.'
  7. 'Passages tend to run parallel to the strata because there are very few joints and they rarely intersect more than one bed.'
  8. 'The vivianite occurs in dark brown and dark gray beds of glacial silt and clay.'
  9. 'The sandstone beds have sharp bases, fine upwards, and have rippled tops.'
  10. 'The intercalated sedimentary beds were deposited on the tops of basaltic lava flows during periods of volcanic inactivity.'
A layer of food on which other foods are served.
  1. 'These tasty dishes were served on beds of broccoli dressed with chili, garlic, spring onions and other ingredients.'
  2. 'Mine was a large piece of pink salmon on a bed of spinach, topped with red and green sauce and matchsticks of courgette.'
  3. 'I ordered the house speciality - calves liver and spinach on a bed of mashed potato.'
  4. 'Abi had veal on a bed of puy lentils with a gratin of potatoes and butternut squash.'
  5. 'The parcels were then served on a bed of lettuce with toasted pitta bread.'
  6. 'The cold plate was beautifully presented on a bed of green leaves, with little pots of mustard and mayo, hard boiled eggs and tomato.'
  7. 'These will go into a raw beef salad, the meat marinated in fish sauce and lime juice and the whole lot served on a bed of crispy fried noodle.'
  8. 'My main course was beef on a bed of creamed potatoes, with glazed vegetables and a sweet jus.'
  9. 'They appeared on the dreaded bed of spinach, which is always ghastly.'
  10. 'Chilli peppers are included in a mixture of minced lamb and flavourings served on a bed of Basmati rice.'
A flat base or foundation on which something rests or is supported.
  1. 'the pavement consists of granite blocks set on a bed of cobblestones and cement'
  2. 'Three and a half years passed by, but not one mile of road bed or train tracks was made.'
  3. 'The men you see in the foreground are laying stones to form the bed of the road.'
  4. 'the spare tyre in the forward bed of the truck'
  5. 'The large burly man leapt on top of the of the truck bed and unsnapped the locks on the box.'
  6. 'Tedd got in the bed of the truck and was looking over the cab as we pulled up to the deer.'
  7. 'We see them in sports bars, dark lounges, or spilling from the beds of pick-up trucks.'
  8. 'He said they were built on truck beds so they could be moved from locations likely to be inspected by the United Nations.'
  9. 'In one, he's standing beside the open bed of a pickup truck on which lies a giant, dead buck.'
  10. 'Jordan turned sideways so that his back was against the side of the truck bed.'
  11. 'The woman took notice of me for the first time as I climbed out of the wagon bed with my belongings under my arm.'
  12. 'When they had gone through the first container, a second was delivered on the bed of a huge truck.'
  13. 'I turned sideways, leaning against the side of the truck bed, and held my arms out to her.'
  14. 'My bag was in the bed of the truck, so I grabbed it out and tried not to topple over from the lack of balance it caused me.'
  15. 'Candle light was replaced by oil lamps, but a tray was still necessary to prevent drips of oil from damaging the cloth covering the bed of the table.'
  16. 'Because the beds of these tables were made of wood, they warped within just a few years.'


Settle down to sleep or rest for the night in an improvised place.
  1. 'Spiralling numbers of homeless people in South and North Yorkshire are bedding down on the floors of friends or family for years on end because they have nowhere else to go.'
  2. 'Each night as they bedded down, the chimps would call out to one another.'
  3. 'After several hours of chatting and singing, the night grew late and the people began to bed down to sleep.'
  4. 'The Avenue features street kids, many of whom live from night to night, bedding down wherever they can find shelter.'
  5. 'That night he made his way out of town and bedded down on the edge of a shallow gully.'
  6. 'When the storm, with winds of up to 120 mph struck, Anna and her family were herded into their hotel's top-floor conference centre and, with blankets and pillows, told to bed down for the night.'
  7. 'We finally made it to the platform we were to sleep on, ate dinner, and bedded down in the mine.'
  8. 'We then departed for a wooded spot a few miles away, where we bedded down in the brush for the night, hoping to regain contact with our colleagues in the morning.'
  9. 'They walk four, or nine, or seventeen days, stretching a sheet on the ground to bed down at night.'
  10. 'We bedded down in the forest that first night on the way back.'
  11. 'she is grooming the horses and bedding them down for the night'
  12. 'We'll go get coffee and chaser when you're finished bedding her down.'
  13. 'The feed was there to keep her weight on, the straw was there to bed her down on; and in my eyes the loanee was getting a very good deal, yet it still wasn't enough.'
  14. 'Beginning with the basic decision about whether to have a pony at all, veterinary surgeon Hugh Venables addresses the questions of where to keep it, how to house it, where to bed it down, and how to properly equip a stable.'
  15. 'The avener and his young son, no more than nine years old, were bedding down the horses for the night and shushing them quietly, trying to calm them as best they could.'
  16. 'Well, I think we'd best bed you down right now, son.'
  17. 'We decided for the first movie we'd get The Full Monty, but because a lot of people wanted to see it and they had small kids, they had no other alternative but to bring the kids and bed them down on the floor.'
  18. 'These workers had real jobs, which included bedding down animals, milking, making cheese and selling farm produce from its busy shop which is popular with consumers looking for locally - produced organic food.'
  19. 'He sold the story of how he bedded her on his first date to the News of the World for £15,000.'
  20. 'He is renowned for bedding scores of women.'
  21. 'They solved some crimes and bedded a lot of bikini-clad women.'
  22. 'He regularly bedded secretaries and prostitutes provided by friendly governments.'
  23. 'Rock musicians spend all their time bedding models and ingesting narcotics.'
  24. 'He bedded scores of women and got drunk with his men and worshipped his king.'
  25. 'You don't deserve a man who's killed other men and bedded other women.'
  26. 'He is caught bedding his partner's best friend.'
  27. 'In 500 years he only beds one woman and even then has to pay for the privilege.'
  28. 'Most men who interview her write as if they want to bed her.'
Transfer (a plant) from a pot or seed tray to a garden plot.
  1. 'Some fifteen boxes of daylilies and irises were sent over last weekend, and they will need to be bedded soon.'
  2. 'Bed the plants into the prepared trench and cover the roots with soil, which should be watered if dry.'
  3. 'The best time to bed new strawberries is in early spring.'
Fix firmly; embed.
  1. 'She returned to the task of bolting together the sides of her small greenhouse and bedding them into the soil.'
  2. 'Now the council has stepped in to try and make some of them safe by using a hoist to lift the stones and bedding them in concrete two feet deep.'
  3. 'The track in Australia is not deeply bedded on a firm base and much of it lacks proper drainage.'
  4. 'The veins extend perpendicularly from the thrust fault across the skarn and pinch out in overlying rhythmically bedded limestone.'
  5. 'In this core, a 100m thick impact breccia underlies 50 cm of bedded dolomitic limestone with diverse planktic foraminiferal assemblages of zone CF1 that spans the last 300 ka of the Maastrichtian.'
  6. 'They consist of extremely fine-grained evenly bedded limestone, formerly quarried for use in printing.'
  7. 'During the middle to late Tertiary Period, dikes, sills, and small irregular bodies of mafic to silicic igneous material were intruded into the bedded sedimentary and volcanic rocks.'
  8. 'The Haluut Bulag melange is dominantly sedimentary with lenses of bedded limestone, sandstone, siltstone, and locally vesicular basalt, enclosed in a matrix of pelitic schist.'
  9. 'The focus of this article is the mineralization that occurs within a 10-25 meter layer of bedded pillow lava that overlies subaqueous flow lobes and massive columnar basalt that is well exposed in the quarry.'
  10. 'The sedimentary rocks are well bedded and dominated by mudstones with beds 2-5 m thick.'
  11. 'To emphasize the characteristics of the bedded rocks, the right- and left-hand columns of Figure 4 exclude the primary volcanic facies.'
  12. 'The lower part of the section in the Ninemile Formation consists of dominant shales with micritic laminated limestone beds, which is succeeded by 21 metres of rubbly bedded nodular limestones with shale partings.'
  13. 'It is represented by the E-Lert Formation of the Ratburi Group, consisting of mudstone, shale, sandstone, and limestone with a few bedded cherts.'
  14. 'a period of calm will allow the changes to bed in'
  15. 'Can I ask how you see the relationship developing between police authorities and the IPCC, when the process beds in?'
  16. 'With a sprinkling of new players still bedding in, they looked ill at ease in the face of a familiar, and formidable, United side.'
  17. 'That would keep up last season's momentum, and with work under way on the club's youth academy, bedding in a couple of youngsters could be crucial.'
  18. 'But, he said, there was now a ‘spring in Scotland's step again ’, with the Parliament now bedding in.'
  19. 'The team now have a squad consisting of 26 players bedding in.'
  20. 'One or two of our new players are bedding in well now though, so we go there with real optimism.'
  21. 'We still have a bit of bedding in to do as it's a completely new environment for everyone.'
((n.) Alt. of Bed-moulding)

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