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A large broad-bladed ax used in ancient warfare.
  1. 'Before long, the rest of the trainees had arrived, as had the instructor, and they soon had battleaxes in hand and were following the instructor's directions in rigorous exercises.'
  2. 'They armed themselves with a range of dangerous weapons such as battleaxes and knives deployed in frequent fights for control and authority in and around the mining complexes.'
  3. 'Kicking herself already, she grasped the battleaxe she had bought on the way to Tuqsan.'
  4. 'Under the glass was a 17 by 22 inch original chalk drawing depicting two Nordic warriors skiing down a mountain slope with battleaxes and spears in hand.'
  5. 'Mace and battleaxe heads were given over to carpenters who toiled on stools amidst the wood-shaving strewn floor as they fashioned handles, thongs and grips.'
  6. 'Most of the Order of Tomanâk's knights were medium or heavy horse who fought with lance, sword, battleaxe, or mace.'
  7. 'His battleaxe was clipped to his back along with a medium shield, and there were four throwing hammers loosely attached to his plated belt.'
  8. 'As Jane Austen tells it, it is a conflict of battleaxe versus rapier with the old battleaxe comprehensively vanquished.'
  9. 'Weaponry consisted of battleaxes, thrusting spears and daggers for the infantry, while the leaders in their battlewagons carry sheafs of javelins.'
  10. 'So, when the Rebellion breaks out, he is more than ready to grasp the notched handle of his old battleaxe and leap to his country's defence.'
A formidably aggressive older woman.
  1. 'The town's most eligible young widow - well, older than he is by about ten years, but still, far from being the battleaxe he'd imagined her to be - is definitely coming on to him.'
  2. 'I'm not some battleaxe, and I need some new blood in this home.'
  3. 'His gallery of types included the domineering battleaxe, the hen-pecked husband, and the pretty, flirtatious girl.'
  4. 'She plays an evil, wretched old battleaxe who fires people.'
  5. 'Women in uniform were portrayed as brainless glamour girls, in the military for a good time, or as man-hating battleaxes.'
  6. 'The self-confessed battleaxe, who ferociously defended her husband during their 1997 libel suit, said that she remembered watching the musical in the sixties and that appearing on the TV show made her feel old.'
  7. 'Not all of them are insufferable battleaxes addicted to garish jewellery and Vegas weddings, but none of them were smart enough to realise that they were being sent up.'
  8. 'For years it was the lot of the put-upon husband to bemoan the domestic strife caused by the family battleaxe.'
((n.) A kind of broadax formerly used as an offensive weapon.)


1. a broadax formerly used as a weapon of war.

2. Slang. a domineering, aggressive, sharp-tempered person, especially a woman.


"nuns can have battle-axes."



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