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A bass voice or vocal part.
  1. 'Another highlight of this compilation is the complete song cycle "The Nursery", in which the basso convincingly transforms himself into a little boy!'
  2. 'While accompanying a visiting Hungarian basso, I turned a page and the next page was missing!'
  3. '‘Give me the phone, give me the phone,’ he insisted in his jowly basso.'
  4. 'The traditional Puerto Rican group is a trio, made up of a qauttro (an eight-stringed native Puerto Rican instrument similar to a mandolin); a guitarra, or guitar; and a basso, or bass.'
  5. 'Both sets obviously highlight Bulgarian basso's hat trick of singing three roles.'
((n.) Alt. of Basso-relievo)

Early 18th century: Italian, ‘low’, from Latin bassus ‘short, low’.

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