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A baseball ground.
  1. 'Attendance is up at 21 of the 30 major league ballparks, but here in Atlanta, the Braves are drawing their smallest crowds since 1991.'
  2. 'And then there's the simplicity of a Visalia Oaks game - just baseball in a ballpark with no official name.'
  3. 'Some of my line drives and fly balls that would have been home runs in other ballparks were against the fence for doubles in Washington.'
  4. 'My left fielder's watching it go out of the ballpark and the wind brings it back.'
  5. 'You know, I hit 55 home runs in that ballpark, including two in my first two at-bats.'
  6. 'Lou Gehrig fell ill at the ballpark after months of masking the disease that would be named for him and kill him off in two years.'
  7. 'I would argue that artificial turf and big ballparks entered and exited the baseball world at about the same time.'
  8. 'Anything having to do with ghosts, curses, eerie phenomena, and unexplained events in ballparks or associated with baseball teams is welcome.'
  9. 'And it appears clear that new downtown ballparks designed especially for baseball are helping generate urban revival.'
  10. 'While smaller ballparks have juiced home run totals, they have the opposite advantage on gap-to-gap hitters who utilize expanses of grass.'
An area or range within which an amount or estimate is likely to be correct.
  1. 'This is likely to be in the correct ballpark.'
  2. 'Discussions of UK polls tend to assume that the polls are in the right ballpark, but this might not be the case.'
  3. 'That doesn't quite happen in A.I., but it's in the ballpark.'
  4. 'The Chinese have nothing in the same ballpark as the Indians when it comes to wielding soft power.'
  5. 'The new empirical evidence suggests that the average used by PWC is in the right ballpark, even after the time elapsed since the estimates were made.'
  6. 'Somewhere in the middle is the likely ballpark for health spending in our lifetimes.'
  7. 'I know a ballpark of what I want from a song and then I shade in the detail.'
  8. 'Is the back of the envelope calculation in the ballpark or am I missing something here?'
  9. 'Perhaps the term ‘walk-up’ could be stretched as high as seven, eight, or at a maximum 10 storeys, but 25 isn't in the ballpark.'
  10. '‘They [CSKA] are definitely in a different ballpark as regards spending,’ admitted McLeish.'
  11. 'the ballpark figure is $400–500'
  12. 'Detailed below are the characteristics and ballpark costs of each.'
  13. 'Is there a ballpark figure that you're seeking?'
  14. 'But he won't give even a ballpark estimate of what the quotas would be.'
  15. 'But one said the US groups had been looking at ballpark values of between €2.6 billion and €3.0 billion.'
  16. 'My problem is that I have no idea what the response will be, so I can't come up with even a ballpark estimate of the amount of inventory I'll need.'
  17. 'How much will the pipeline cost to build, in ballpark terms?'
  18. 'This 40 per cent ballpark figure gives us 10 per cent of GDP or €11 billion which we might spend.'
  19. 'Vendors will give you a ballpark estimate of calls the vendor expects to be able to complete using your database.'
  20. 'For more than just a ballpark estimate of your green infrastructure's value, you need high-resolution images.'
  21. 'Potential customers plug in facts about their business and get a ballpark estimate of how much they can save.'


1. a tract of land where ball games, especially baseball, are played.

2. a baseball stadium. adjective

3. Informal. being an approximation, based on an educated guess: Give me a ballpark figure on our total expenses for next year. Idioms

4. in the ballpark, Informal. within reasonable, acceptable, or expected limits: The price may go up another $10, but that's still in the ballpark.


"There can be ballpark sales."
"There can be ballpark leases."
"There can be ballpark initiatives."
"There can be ballpark costs."
"There can be ballpark bonds."
"There can be ballpark taxes."
"There can be ballpark sites."
"There can be ballpark seminars."
"There can be ballpark prices."
"There can be ballpark plans."
"There can be ballpark estimates."
"There can be ballpark areas."
"ballparks can be for teams."
"capacities can have ballparks."
"ballparks can be in places."
"ballparks can be with forecasts."
"ballparks can be with expectations."
"ballparks can be over summers."
"points can have ballparks."
"economists can have ballparks."
"ballparks can get financings under bills."
"ballparks can sell in/at/on dates."
"ballparks can leave in countries."
"ballparks can get under bills."
"ballparks can close down years."

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