Noun Backslap Definition and Examples




noun & verb

  1. 'He swaggered to his feet, and went through the male welcoming rituals of handshakes, backslaps and a slap on the butt.'
  2. 'It's too late to expect this election year to end with handshakes and backslaps.'

verb (used with object), backslapped, backslapping.

1. to subject to backslapping. verb (used without object), backslapped, backslapping.

2. to engage in backslapping. noun

3. a hearty slap on the back given as a token of affability or congratulation: The bridegroom received many a warm handshake and backslap.


"backslapses can deliver dittos by menfriendses."
"backslapses can deliver by menfriendses."
"There can be backslapping occasions."
"successes can be with backslappings."
"backslappings can have rounds."
"backslappings can have reunions."
"excuses can be for backslappings."
"backslappings can be by officials."
"backslappings can be between people."



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