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The powdery residue left after the burning of a substance.
  1. 'I turned over the ashes'
  2. 'The volcano is active and tourists flock to see the nightly fireworks display of showers of burning ash and flaming boulders and to hear the mountain rumble and roar.'
  3. 'Rubbing cigarette ashes, powdered pumice, or a piece of walnut into spots may also help remove them.'
  4. 'The most fertile land is in the Pacific coast region, where volcanic ash has fertilized the soil.'
  5. 'Deep growls and explosions thundered through the air as clouds of black volcanic ash coated the surroundings.'
  6. 'Haley took another drag of her cigarette before tapping the ashes into her empty tea cup.'
  7. 'A layer of volcanic ash and dust seems to have protected the ice from subliming away, the researcher said.'
  8. 'A floor so clean you could sprawl on it without having to coat yourself in spilled booze or cigarette ash.'
  9. 'Along with natural stone, they often used a form of concrete made from volcanic ash and lime.'
  10. 'In my opinion, the oath should be burned to ashes.'
  11. 'his ashes were scattered on the waters of the Ganges River'
  12. 'For eight years Mandy Sutcliffe visited a remembrance garden to pay her respects to her mother, father and sister whose ashes she believed had been scattered on a special family plot.'
  13. 'He is part of the team investigating what is happening to the growing volume of human ashes now removed from crematoria.'
  14. 'A private ash interment will be held at a later date.'
  15. 'Plots can contain the memorial stones and ashes of several generations, each ancestor bearing a new name bestowed by priests for the afterlife.'
  16. 'In fact, if someone is cremated, having died in the mountains or elsewhere, it is far more fitting to scatter the ashes from a mountain top or at a spot beloved of the deceased.'
  17. 'It would only be a matter of seconds before the man's body was completely burned, but it would take a while before his entire body would burn to ashes.'
  18. 'Normally, the entire body gets burnt to ashes in one-and-a-half hours.'
  19. 'Days later we took Doug's ashes into the mountains, spreading them in view of both Shuksan and Baker.'
  20. 'Adrienne was cremated and her ashes were scattered about the mountain, taken by the wind.'
  21. 'Only ashes remained, no bodies for him to burn properly to give peace to his parents' souls.'
  22. 'Minerals from the ash and the silicon-rich water replaced the trees' organic material and, over the eons, assumed their form as quartz.'
  23. 'The burning cellulose drips and leaves a hard ash.'
  24. 'As in Edgefield, potters at Guadalupe initially used alkaline, or ash, glazes.'
  25. 'Fire can also aid bog formation as particles of ash and carbon deposited into the soil profile can reduce drainage and therefore initiate peat growth.'
  26. 'Banana sap can be used as a dye, and banana ash is used in making soap.'
  27. 'Soap was first made by boiling goat fat, water, and ash high in potassium carbonate.'
  28. 'As the brine is pumped out, the mines will be filled with a million tonnes of grout - made from the pulverised fuel ash, salt and cement.'
  29. 'All the waste is used completely as the small amount of ash residue; which is inert, can be used in by-products.'
  30. 'Grain and hay samples were analyzed for DM, ash, and soluble protein.'
  31. 'Fly ash is a waste ash produced from burning coal in electric power plants.'
A trophy for the winner of a series of Test matches in a cricket season between England and Australia.

    (in the UK) Action on Smoking and Health.
      ((n.) A low fire used in chemical operations.)

      Old English æsce, aexe, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch as and German Asche.

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