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Any person or people.
  1. 'does anyone remember him?'
  2. 'All of them looked like they never again wanted to see pain inflicted on anyone.'
  3. 'If anyone wants to drive me to Bristol and back to see them in early May, I will buy their ticket to get in.'
  4. 'If anyone remembers him or knew him, I would be very glad to hear from you as soon as possible.'
  5. 'If anyone has more information on the subject, please feel free to add links in the comments.'
  6. 'This album is all kinds of good things and I would recommend it to anyone who likes lovely music.'
  7. 'You should always ask for ID, and never let anyone into your home that you are not sure of.'
  8. 'While she accepted she had to go, she said she had not deliberately misled anyone.'
  9. '‘I didn't know anyone there,’ she once admitted.'
  10. 'Somehow, the kitchen would be full of fabulous food without anyone going to any effort.'
  11. 'If we employed anyone who wasn't family we would have to employ all sorts of safety measures.'
  12. 'anyone could do it'
  13. 'Of course, the truth is that they have been part of it for as long as anyone can remember.'
  14. 'Francis had never been afraid of anyone for as long as I had known him, not even the oldest of the old.'
  15. 'Heskey's got the power and pace to frighten anyone but must remember it's not a crime to use it.'
  16. 'Ducks have been part of the village scene in Bledington for as long as anyone can remember.'
  17. 'Belfast are the strongest by far but, apart from them, anybody can beat anyone else.'
  18. 'It is a shame it has to come to that before anyone realises how dangerous this road is.'
  19. 'Even a cursory look at the new science GCSE is enough to give anyone pause for thought.'
  20. 'Nothing special, just the normal adjustments anyone has to make as the body gets older.'
  21. 'Alternatively, anyone can take part in the coffee morning and hold their own event.'
  22. 'We respect the Brits more than anyone else, and this will take a long time to go.'
A person of importance or authority.
  1. 'Over the years, anyone who's anyone in the game has dropped by to play a round or two in the city.'
((n.) One taken at random rather than by selection; anybody. [Commonly written as two words.])


1. any person at all; anybody: Did anyone see the accident?


"anyones can be in places."
"anyones can be in areas."
"anyones can be out theres."
"anyones can be over ages."
"people can have anyones."
"anyones can be in worlds."
"anyones can be in positions."
"anyones can be from places."
"anyones can be with interests."
"anyones can be with experiences."
"things can have anyones."
"anyones can be in governments."
"anyones can be with senses."
"anyones can be at alls."
"anyones can be with computers."
"ages can have anyones."
"anyones can be in rooms."
"anyones can be in people/places/organizations."
"anyones can be in minds."
"anyones can be in markets."

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