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Opposed to communism.
  1. 'But by the following year it was fully committed to covert anti-communist operations under the Truman Doctrine.'
  2. 'In return, these ex-Nazis worked as anti-communist intelligence and immigration agents, specialising in the location, official harassment and deportation of migrant socialists and working class militants.'
  3. 'The debate over whether or not to go to Moscow for the 60th anniversary memorial is only the latest expression of the nationalist and anti-communist ideology that forms the basis of bourgeois politics.'
  4. 'They also found that the ‘democratic’ regime rewarded anti-communist articles generously.'
  5. 'Following the collapse of the U.S.S.R. that was fueled by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's strident anti-communist policies, Germany was able to reunify.'
  6. 'Many Americans feared that the apparent Soviet lead in space would become permanent, posing a strategic threat to the security of the United States and its allies and demoralizing anti-communist forces around the globe.'
  7. 'In the immediate lead-up to last week's police raid, a number of openly anti-communist groups have been formed.'
  8. 'In 1949 George Orwell warned the Foreign Office not to trust 38 people if what it wanted was anti-communist propagandists.'
  9. 'His hatred of Communism meant he bent over backwards to support anti-communist insurgencies in Central America, Asia and Africa.'


A person who is opposed to communism.
  1. 'Yes, communists were liberals' friends; but more importantly, anti-communists were the liberals' enemies.'
  2. 'His German linguistic skills made him useful: he was recruited and given the task of fingering anti-communists among the Russian émigrés abroad (his public role was that of a successful composer).'
  3. 'Was he, as his friends maintain, a heroic anti-communist?'
  4. 'Some religious anti-communists profess to find signs of God's will here: a Moses-like child rescued from the waters who symbolizes the arrival of imminent freedom for Cuba.'
  5. 'There was no such unity of purpose among the anti-communists.'
  6. 'During the Cold War, anti-communists dreamed of rolling back the tide of Soviet conquests but were constrained by the threat of nuclear war.'
  7. 'He also notes that many anti-communists also missed predicting the fall of the Soviet empire, blaming this more on the false impression created by the Soviets and the limited access to data.'
  8. 'They may not like communists, but they really don't like anti-communists.'
  9. 'Early in the Cold War a group of communist literati, who had reacted to the horrors of Stalinism by becoming anti-communists, released a collection of confessional essays titled The God That Failed.'
  10. 'But in taking on the anti-communists, overconfidence may prove to be his undoing.'


1. (initial capital letter) a member of the Communist Party or movement.

2. an advocate of communism.

3. a person who is regarded as supporting politically leftist or subversive causes.

4. (usually initial capital letter) a Communard. adjective

5. (initial capital letter) of or relating to the Communist Party or to Communism.

6. pertaining to communists or communism.



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