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A disappointing end to an exciting or impressive series of events.
  1. mass noun 'a sense of anticlimax and incipient boredom'
  2. 'This film feels like nothing more than a series of anticlimaxes wrapped within one large anticlimax.'
  3. 'The actual death of Bill was a bit of an anticlimax, but I still liked it, and the actual ending of the movie was pretty strong, particularly the speech about always being a killer, which casts a shadow over the happy ending.'
  4. 'They could stop playing baseball after the game because, seriously, what would be the point of staging thousands of pathetic anticlimaxes annually?'
  5. 'Reaching the peak of Badaling, after such a struggle, was quite an achievement for a man of 90 kilograms with wobbly legs, but such a feat quickly turns into an anticlimax.'
  6. 'But it proved to be a damp squib and an anticlimax if ever there was one.'
  7. 'The band's seventh album is by no means an anticlimax.'
  8. 'The main disappointment is the ending which is an anticlimax after the dangerous excesses of the rescue mission.'
  9. 'Sometimes I think it's made me seem an anticlimax to him since - I never have lived up to any of the dreams I gave him - he settled for second best by coming back to life.'
  10. 'After this, the sailors reacted to the anticlimax by disappearing.'
  11. 'After working with Stanley Kubrick for a couple of years, anything else would be an anticlimax.'


1. an event, conclusion, statement, etc., that is far less important, powerful, or striking than expected.

2. a descent in power, quality, dignity, etc.; a disappointing, weak, or inglorious conclusion: After serving as president, he may find life in retirement an anticlimax.

3. a noticeable or ludicrous descent from lofty ideas or expressions to banalities or commonplace remarks: We were amused by the anticlimax of the company's motto: “For God, for country, and for Acme Gasworks.”.


"anti-climaxs can be on shores."
"anti-climaxs can be after floods."



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