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In addition; too.
  1. 'dyslexia, also known as word blindness'
  2. 'She also asks them how they want to feel so she can decide which type of massage to offer.'
  3. 'It now seems the man himself could also be coming to recognise that the game may be up.'
  4. 'It makes an ideal gift and is also a great present for a child as it grows so quickly.'
  5. 'It also means the staff do not have to put up with going home smelling like an ashtray.'
  6. 'It was also so cold to drive in the winter that I had to wear gloves even when the roof was up.'
  7. 'She also had the gift of being able to reinvent herself every time she took up her pen.'
  8. 'It looks as if the second will also be yellow, while the third has yet to show any buds.'
  9. 'We also got a batch of smiley badges made up, and gave them to everyone at the door on the way in.'
  10. 'We also managed to get a big chunk of Christmas shopping out of the way at the weekend.'
  11. 'There was also about a foot of snow outside, and the air was white as it went on falling.'


1. in addition; too; besides; as well: He was thin, and he was also tall.

2. likewise; in the same manner: Since you're having another cup of coffee, I'll have one also. conjunction

3. and: He was mean, also ugly.


"sons can alsoannounced results in places."
"sons can alsoannounced results from ventures."
"sons can alsoannounced results at crosses."
"people can transform people/places/organizations from also-ranses."
"people can transform democrats from also-ranses."
"people can alsotold shareholders in/at/on years."
"people can alsoconducting trials of corp.s."
"people can alsoconducting trials in places."
"people can alsoconducting trials against organizations."
"englishmans can take places from also-ranses."
"companies can enter bid and also discloseds into agreements."
"alsothes can curve needs of s."
"people can transform from also-ranses."
"also-ranses can go with advents."
"also-ranses can go to walls."
"speculators can jump on bandwagon and also solds."
"sons can alsoannounced in places."
"sons can alsoannounced from ventures."
"sons can alsoannounced at crosses."
"people can slip to also-rans."
"There can be ofsee alsowhichs."
"There can be normalsocial lives."
"There can be love relationshipsalsos."
"There can be culturalsocial deprivations."
"There can be county also-rans."
"There can be characterise oralsocietieses."
"There can be case wasalsos."
"There can be alsoand thereands."
"businesses can have also-ranses."
"playersalsos can have twos."
"transformations can be from also-rans."
"also-ranses can have roles."
"also-rans can have roles."
"rises can be from also-rans."
"acqusitions and also hopeds can have results."
"rests can be into also-ranses."
"places can be as bitchalsos."
"also-ranses can have people."
"obtainings can be in countriesalsos."
"matches can be for also-ranses."



Old English alswā ‘quite so, in that manner, similarly’ (see all, so).

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