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A complex of runways and buildings for the take-off, landing, and maintenance of civil aircraft, with facilities for passengers.
  1. 'It is worth checking, too, for seasonal charter flights from Scottish airports.'
  2. 'The two airports are each served by one main runway, as are Aberdeen, Prestwick and Inverness.'
  3. 'Flights from Gatwick are included, but connections from Scottish airports are extra.'
  4. 'The ports and airports have been alerted in case he tries to leave the country.'
  5. 'Now the Government has set about building new roads and airports all over the shop.'
  6. 'We are condemned to spend hours and money waiting for connecting flights in foreign airports.'
  7. 'Of course because of the incident all airports have stopped planes from taking off.'
  8. 'He says that he writes in airports, on planes and trains and between meetings.'
  9. 'An unexpected benefit is the availability of flights from regional airports in the UK.'
  10. 'Each passenger's face would be scanned at airports and compared with the data in their passport.'
  11. 'Some people might laugh at them as airport novels, but I get a good read from them.'
  12. 'But, at least in my case, it takes a couple of days to get through even an airport paperback.'
  13. 'It has the structure in some ways of an airport paperback but has the style and depth of a literary novel.'


1. a tract of land or water with facilities for the landing, takeoff, shelter, supply, and repair of aircraft, especially one used for receiving or discharging passengers and cargo at regularly scheduled times.


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