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Transported by air.
  1. 'Some reckon uncontrolled crowds pose as much a danger to the monument as airborne pollution.'
  2. 'If there is a quantity of smoke or other airborne pollutant particles present, it is known as smog.'
  3. 'Experts said a contaminated vehicle may have spread the disease, but airborne transmission over such a distance is not unknown.'
  4. 'No microalgae have so far been found and the ministry is now also gathering air samples to see whether the problem is airborne.'
  5. 'The airborne virus has considerable stability in aerosol form.'
  6. 'It is hoped such agreements will lead to lower levels of airborne traveling toxins.'
  7. 'At the moment, therefore, the virus cannot be said to be airborne, which minimises the possibility of infection.'
  8. 'It is usually a very mild infection, transmitted as a moderately contagious airborne infection.'
  9. 'They are huge birds, up to a metre tall and 16 kg in weight, making them the heaviest airborne birds in the world.'
  10. 'This applies especially along the east coast, given the possibility of airborne spread from Britain.'
  11. 'the shuttle was airborne'
  12. 'The imaging systems are used to provide an airborne survey by aerial photography.'
  13. 'Davis saw it first and raced up to warn the pilot, but we were airborne in a few seconds.'
  14. 'If, you got the nose too high too soon, you could get into a position where it would not get airborne.'
  15. 'All they knew was they had less than two hours to get the aircraft airborne.'
  16. 'There's a great difference between an airborne aircraft and a wreck.'
  17. 'Fortunately, none of us had any idea of the events that would transpire once airborne.'
  18. 'The helicopter was airborne for only a minute when it started plunging toward the river.'
  19. 'Once airborne, though, one's flight path is entirely at the whim of the wind.'
  20. 'Mr Taylor finally got his aircraft airborne, barely clearing the clubhouse.'
  21. 'There were too few aircraft to deliver all the airborne troops in one go.'


1. carried by the air, as pollen or dust.

2. in flight; aloft: The plane was airborne by six o'clock.

3. Military. (of ground forces) carried in airplanes or gliders: airborne infantry.

4. Aeronautics. (of an aircraft) supported entirely by the atmosphere; flying.



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