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An impression of a vivid image retained by the eye after the stimulus has ceased.
  1. 'I looked up, and at each flash of lightning, an after-image of a bird was left.'
  2. 'I stared at it long after it had vanished, the after-image imprinted on my retina.'
  3. 'Blooming out fogs the screen by producing a temporary after-image.'
  4. 'Such complementary colours produce the greatest reciprocal enhancement by simultaneous contrast when juxtaposed; also when negative after-images are produced, these will be of the colour complementary to that which produces them.'
  5. 'We only get brief pulses of memories, like a flash bulb going off in your face, leaving the after-image lingering onscreen for a few seconds.'
  6. 'Yet the image of the landscape lingered in his eyes, an after-image caused by the brilliant bolt of energy.'
  7. 'They could also be after-images, hypnagogic imagery, or memory images with subliminal material that was not veridical.'
  8. 'If you stare at a bright colour for a time and then look at a white surface, you will see an after-image, which will be the subtractive complement.'

noun, Psychology.

1. a visual image or other sense impression that persists after the stimulus that caused it is no longer operative.


"dreams can have afterimages."

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