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Something that is thought of or added later.
  1. 'When he speaks about the prejudices he has faced, the added issue of his sexuality is almost an afterthought.'
  2. 'Although they often deal with the same subject, the clearest message here is that the prints are neither preliminary workings for his paintings nor mere afterthoughts.'
  3. 'Sustainability, protection of wildlife, controlling agribusiness and pollution are first principles, not afterthoughts.'
  4. 'Principles are not an afterthought to be considered only so long as they do not affect profits.'
  5. 'It seemed to have been shoehorned into the schedules as an afterthought.'
  6. 'Even the corridors, so often the mean afterthought in offices, are generously spaced.'
  7. 'Team specific marketing was an afterthought at best and almost non-existent.'
  8. 'Unfortunately, the story and the performances seem like an afterthought to this stunt.'
  9. 'Yet the design, the nature and the location of the centre has been an afterthought.'
  10. 'The impression is, though, that the content of this museum was an afterthought.'


1. a later or second thought; reconsideration.

2. reflection after an act; an appropriate explanation, answer, expedient, or the like, conceived of too late for the occasion.

3. something added, as a part or feature, that was not included in the original plan or design: The vestry was added to the church as an afterthought.


"after-thoughts can be in plannings."



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