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(in ecclesiastical law) the right to recommend a member of the Anglican clergy for a vacant benefice, or to make such an appointment.
  1. 'The advowson therefore can be discounted as a guide to the descent of the manor or part manor.'
  2. 'The prestige of the gentry remained high, since they often owned the advowson and had a cousin or an uncle in the rectory as well.'
((n.) The right of presenting to a vacant benefice or living in the church. [Originally, the relation of a patron (advocatus) or protector of a benefice, and thus privileged to nominate or present to it.])

noun, English Ecclesiastical Law.

1. the right of presentation of a candidate to a benefice or church office.


"livings can have advowsons."

Middle English (in the sense ‘patronage of a religious house or benefice’, with the obligation to defend it and speak for it): from Old French avoeson, from Latin advocatio(n-), from advocare ‘summon’ (see advocate).

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