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Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.
  1. 'The guy has become rich and famous through public advocacy of an unhealthy lifestyle.'
  2. 'His advocacy of public-private partnerships has also been a leitmotif of his Treasury years.'
  3. 'There is indeed scope for persuasion and advocacy of tolerance, and much has changed in this respect.'
  4. 'His advocacy of a Popular Front saw him expelled from the party in 1939.'
  5. 'This is a woman of some strange but fiercely-held opinions, who is zealous in her advocacy of animal rights.'
  6. 'After the return of the students, he continued his advocacy of reforms.'
  7. 'This story notably does not mention any advocacy of involuntary organ donation.'
  8. 'Wearing another hat, he is also well known in these columns for his advocacy of the death penalty.'
  9. 'I am not in favour of the State getting involved in advocacy of this sort, Minister.'
  10. 'One key element in this regard involved the movement's advocacy of Arab unity.'
The profession or work of a legal advocate.
  1. 'The defendant law firm is a trial advocacy firm that does primarily personal injury litigation for plaintiffs.'
  2. 'The law allowing plaintiffs to recover legal fees in advocacy lawsuits has been on the books for a long time.'
  3. 'The successful prosecution of the case for children and adolescents demands effective advocacy.'
  4. 'It will enhance life skills in communication, negotiation and advocacy.'
  5. 'No longer will he grace our courts with superb advocacy and inspired legal reasoning.'
  6. 'This is clever advocacy, but I really do not think it addresses the real issue.'
  7. 'One way to help in this effort is through persistent and consistent professional advocacy.'
  8. 'It is only advocacy at the inquest that is an excluded service.'
  9. 'A lawyer with a legal advocacy group said the appeal is a misuse of taxpayers' money.'
((n.) The act of pleading for or supporting; work of advocating; intercession.)

noun, plural advocacies.

1. the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; active espousal: He was known for his advocacy of states' rights.


"There can be advocacy projects."
"There can be advocacy skills."
"There can be advocacy schemes."
"There can be advocacy organisations."
"There can be advocacy services."
"There can be advocacy experiences."
"There can be advocacy rights."
"There can be advocacy organizations."
"There can be advocacy exercises."
"There can be advocacy systems."
"There can be advocacy roles."
"There can be advocacy movements."
"There can be advocacy courses."
"There can be advocacy appraisals."
"There can be advocacy works."
"There can be advocacy trainings."
"There can be advocacy stages."
"There can be advocacy staffs."
"There can be advocacy rules."
"There can be advocacy programmes."

Late Middle English: via Old French from medieval Latin advocatia, from advocare ‘summon, call to one's aid’ (see advocate).

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