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A person who gives advice in a particular field.
  1. 'He spent 30 years as an adviser to the Treasury, working closely with nine chancellors.'
  2. 'In the past he has been an adviser to the New Zealand and Russian Governments on pensions policy.'
  3. 'His wide experience has made him a top adviser to the Home Office and the police.'
  4. 'Strangely, he is the adviser to the transport department whose services the police use.'
  5. 'A leading adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer was due in Bradford today to talk to trade unionists.'
  6. 'She was phoned back not by the MP, but by a special adviser to the secretary of state.'
  7. 'An adviser to the Royal Mail has been involved in discussions with major banks.'
  8. 'Picture my surprise when I read the suggestion that he could have been a health adviser to the Blair government.'
  9. 'Presently, he has his hands full as an adviser to European Parliament on Guatanemo Bay.'
  10. 'There is no way that the chief adviser to the president is going to be someone out on bail.'
  11. 'He is now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and an adviser to the Pentagon.'


1. one who gives advice.

2. Education. a teacher responsible for advising students on academic matters.

3. a fortuneteller.


"There can be advisor funds."
"There can be advisor tenders."
"There can be advisor services."
"There can be advisor people/places/organizations."
"There can be advisor contracts."
"There can be advisor banks."
"There can be advisor works."
"There can be advisor victors."
"There can be advisor systems."
"There can be advisor stockholders."
"There can be advisor sisters."
"There can be advisor shares."
"There can be advisor sergeants."
"There can be advisor says."
"There can be advisor purchases."
"There can be advisor programs."
"There can be advisor prices."
"There can be advisor pauls."
"There can be advisor operations."
"There can be advisor lasts."
"advisors can raise statements in courts."
"advisors can warn places on delays."
"advisors can say things in courts."
"advisors can estimate assets at rands."
"advisors can buy shares in firms."
"advisors can beat benchmarks through performances."
"advisors can assist expresses in bids."
"advisors can use people to products."
"advisors can use people for services."
"advisors can try justices in lights."
"advisors can tell people of nicetieses."
"advisors can take parts in accords."
"advisors can seek buyers for percents."
"advisors can see exports to regions."
"advisors can say people in/at/on weeks."
"advisors can say dissidents behind riots."
"advisors can report difficulties on progresses."
"advisors can regard terms with transactions."
"advisors can regard terms of proposals."
"advisors can regard terms of agreements."



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