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A person who is being advised by someone.
  1. 'He still couldn't tell her how he felt because she was still one of his undergraduate advisees.'
  2. 'Statements like these indicate that most advisors are meeting the expectations of student advisees.'
  3. 'The chairperson, then, is both a manager and a faculty colleague, an advisor and an advisee.'
  4. 'Unfortunately, few professors tell their advisees how to both finish their dissertation and obtain a full-time academic position at the same time.'
  5. 'The number of graduate advisees he carried in recent years averaged around 20.'
  6. 'One research advisee of a colleague had found significance, and the colleague spent part of his summer writing the study for publication.'
  7. 'Dan, one of my advisees, caught up with me as I was going to my office in the University Education Center.'
  8. '‘The dialogue is so important between the adviser and the advisee,’ says Moore.'
  9. 'Not long ago I bumped into one of my student advisees.'
  10. 'We ought to feel an obligation to deliver on the implied promise we made to our graduate advisees.'

noun, Education.

1. one of a group of students assigned to a faculty adviser for help in selection of a course of studies.

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