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Guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.
  1. 'on their solicitors' advice, the trustees have accepted £577,000 by way of compensation'
  2. 'The messages offer encouragement and advice on how to choose the best career.'
  3. 'They were giving it out to customers as well as offering advice on the benefits of tap water over bottled water.'
  4. 'It tells us to stop buying rounds but offers little practical advice on how to dodge them.'
  5. 'Police today offered advice on how van owners can make themselves less vulnerable to the gang.'
  6. 'There are too many powerful men who truly believe that the Waltons offer dandy advice on life and morals.'
  7. 'They will then offer advice on how the groups can extend their services to a wider range of people.'
  8. 'Can you offer any advice on how to plan what to grow, how to set out and maintain the patch, what tools to get, etc?'
  9. 'Fruit nurseries are always happy to offer advice on how to grow specific plants, so do ask when you buy.'
  10. 'Spotting classic mistakes is not easy, but there is some good advice on offer.'
  11. 'The trust can back this up with workplace visits offering advice on giving up.'
A formal notice of a financial transaction.
  1. 'Is it a stack of old draft reports and legal advices?'
  2. 'Then underneath, ‘Counsel's costs’, there are two advices: one at £900, one at £825.'
  3. 'Cheques and remittance advices were raised mostly in alphabetical order, as per the purchase ledger.'
  4. 'This strategy should include providing members with fortnightly pay advices.'
  5. 'An offsider is hauling together the thousands of different legal advices and papers published on the web.'
  6. 'He said the excess water deduction on members' salary advices was recently amended.'
  7. 'This electronic payment solution provides electronic versions of paper checks and remittance advices.'
Information; news.
  1. 'Latest advices from abroad give assurances of her safety.'
  2. 'Last evening a gentleman arrived here from Providence, by whom we are favour'd with the following, fresh advices from the northern army.'
  3. 'From this deplorable apathy Cortes was roused by fresh advices urging his presence in Mexico.'


1. an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.: I shall act on your advice.

2. a communication, especially from a distance, containing information: Advice from abroad informs us that the government has fallen. Recent diplomatic advices have been ominous.

3. an official notification, especially one pertaining to a business agreement: an overdue advice.


"adviceses can be about ways."



Middle English: from Old French avis, based on Latin ad ‘to’ + visum, past participle of videre ‘to see’. The original sense was ‘way of looking at something, judgement’, hence later ‘an opinion given’.

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