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A newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article.
  1. 'In many instances, they are willing to offer advertorial and editorial support to extend advertising messages.'
  2. 'Is it committed to a clear separation between editorial and advertorial content?'
  3. 'Advertisements and advertorials need to be upfront.'
  4. 'The completely shameless advertorials; without anything at all to identify it as advertising.'
  5. 'Some publishers charge consumers a cover price of up to €25 for the privilege of reading these advertorials.'
  6. 'A great deal too many advertorials, which make the magazine, as well as the featured businesses, appear cheap.'
  7. 'A growing number of people will do it - but the value has to be there, be it editorial or advertorial.'
  8. 'For this to happen they need access to information through advertorials, advertisements, or other information channels.'
  9. 'Then they assign the writers that are best suited to giving the studio the advertorial they need.'
  10. 'Have staff writers compose story-like advertorials that would be indistinguishable from their regular copy.'


1. an extended newspaper or magazine text advertisement that promotes the advertiser's product or services or special point of view but resembles an editorial in style and layout.


"advertorialses can blur distinctions between advertisings."
"advertorialses can blur between contents."
"advertorialses can blur between advertisings."



1960s (originally US): blend of advertisement and editorial.

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