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Involving or characterized by conflict or opposition.
  1. 'This is not good for the health of our democracy, since it often casts civil society in an adversarial relationship to the State.'
  2. 'Families engaged in contentious, highly adversarial, and prolonged conflict before and during divorce often remain embattled afterward as well.'
  3. 'With shared goals, there is less reason for conflict or adversarial relationships.'
  4. 'The only beneficiary of the adversarial relationship imposed on religion and science two hundred years ago has been meaninglessness.'
  5. 'Such is the nature of our adversarial democratic structures.'
  6. 'Williams insisted there had been no adversarial relationship between the ministry and the nurses.'
  7. 'They have a much more adversarial relationship with government than we do.'
  8. 'But what surprised me most about the meeting was a general agreement that the biggest turn-off was the adversarial nature of the campaigning.'
  9. 'Creating an adversarial relationship with the listener is a mistake.'
  10. 'It has never had an adversarial relationship with the government.'
  11. 'an adversarial system of justice'
  12. 'If the parties fail to achieve a settlement through the collaborative law approach, the parties may then pursue adversarial court proceedings.'
  13. 'We have an adversarial system where evidence needs to be tested under cross-examination, so if we're going to put somebody behind bars, you need to establish charges beyond reasonable doubt.'

noun, plural adversaries.

1. a person, group, or force that opposes or attacks; opponent; enemy; foe.

2. a person, group, etc., that is an opponent in a contest; contestant.

3. the Adversary, the devil; Satan. adjective, Also, especially British, adversarial[ad-ver-sair-ee-uh l]/ˌæd vərˈsɛər i əl/(Show IPA)

4. of or relating to an adversary.

5. involving adversaries, as plaintiff and defendant in a legal proceeding: an adversary trial.


"There can be adversarial relationships."
"There can be adversarial natures."
"There can be adversarial approaches."
"There can be adversarial styles."
"There can be adversarial stances."
"There can be adversarial politicses."
"There can be adversarial elements."
"There can be adversarial atmospheres."
"There can be adversarial tendencies."
"There can be adversarial televisions."
"There can be adversarial roles."
"There can be adversarial processes."
"There can be adversarial proceedings."
"There can be adversarial procedures."
"There can be adversarial positions."
"There can be adversarial people."
"There can be adversarial models."
"There can be adversarial methods."
"There can be adversarial managements."
"There can be adversarial lines."



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