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The willingness to take risks in business or politics; actions or attitudes regarded as reckless or potentially hazardous.
  1. 'To make such a claim is nothing but reckless adventurism.'
  2. 'This is one good reason why nations should think twice before they try to justify their foreign adventurism as acts of ‘liberation.’'
  3. 'The country is drifting dangerously towards aggressive military adventurism and the establishment of a repressive national-security state.'
  4. 'All of this adds to the danger of an uncontrolled slide into political adventurism, military provocation and war between the two nuclear-armed powers.'
  5. 'Without doubt, his political adventurism had engaged the media.'
  6. 'His departure has been welcomed by those investors both big and small who hope it'll bring an end to the company's corporate adventurism.'
  7. 'However, the ‘unofficial’ ideological shift to glorifying military adventurism is very interesting.'
  8. 'Do you want to be safe in your own country or do you want to waste precious lives and resources on military adventurism?'
  9. 'They were successfully kept under the thumb, insofar as any lingering attraction to foreign adventurism was concerned.'
  10. 'Rudyard Kipling coined the term, The Great Game, to describe one hundred and fifty years of intrigue, military adventurism, and espionage.'


1. defiance or disregard of accepted standards of behavior.

2. rash or irresponsible policies, methods, or actions, especially in political or international affairs.


"norths can have adventurisms."
"places can have adventurisms."
"figures can have adventurisms."
"deviants can have adventurisms."
"adventurisms can be in places."

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