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A member of any of various Christian sects emphasizing belief in the imminent second coming of Christ.
  1. 'Seventh-day Adventists support non-combatancy for its members who serve in the military.'
  2. 'Numerous other denominations have since entered the field, including New Pentecostals, Adventists, and the New Apostolic Church.'
  3. 'This chief sought out Adventists because they taught people to read and sing in English.'
  4. 'Very few Adventists and no Jehovah's Witnesses played an active role in communal life and decisions.'
  5. 'Avoiding nicotine and red meat, as Adventists do, is known to be good for your health.'
  6. 'Leaders of four main Protestant communities, the Baptists, the Pentecostals, the Full Gospel Church and the Adventists, are planning a press conference to express their concerns later today.'
  7. 'Decades later the island was visited by other white folk who discovered that all the natives had become Seventh-day Adventists.'
  8. 'The Adventists also reserve the right to halt funeral services or burials if the rules of conduct are breached by mourners.'
  9. 'The other eight to ten percent was made up of smaller denominations including the Byzantine Catholics, Jews, Baptists, and Adventists.'
((n.) One of a religious body, embracing several branches, who look for the proximate personal coming of Christ; -- called also Second Adventists.)


1. Also called Second Adventist. a member of any of certain Christian denominations that maintain that the Second Advent of Christ is imminent. adjective

2. of or relating to Adventists.



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