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  1. 'Researchers have adequately confirmed the Adventism connection to that man.'
  2. 'And like any church, Adventism of course has its sectarian movements and offshoots.'
  3. 'Modern Adventism began as an inter-denominational movement.'
  4. 'Seventh-Day Adventism began in the 1840s with a group who believed first that Jesus Christ would return.'
  5. 'The practice of Adventism varies greatly from congregation to congregation.'
  6. 'Adventism has been an aspect of Christianity since its inception.'
  7. 'The spirituality in Star Wars is so universal that many world religions, from Adventism to Zoroastrianism, have found their beliefs reflected in the movie.'
  8. 'After the Civil War, Adventism expanded across the United States, flourishing especially in the West.'
  9. 'Things become complicated in Adventism, for a lot of Adventists believe his writings exhibit the ‘spirit of prophecy.’'
  10. 'Methodism, Anglicanism, and Adventism are widespread on Statia.'


1. Also called Second Adventist. a member of any of certain Christian denominations that maintain that the Second Advent of Christ is imminent. adjective

2. of or relating to Adventists.


"adventisms can take in evangelicalisms."



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