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The process of promoting a cause or plan.
  1. 'Mr Pande said governments should formulate laws and plans for the advancement of local entrepreneurs to take up the running of the tourism sector.'
  2. 'Until recently, public life was based on the contest between left and right - between different visions of guaranteeing social advancement for all.'
  3. 'I think all people interested in social issues and social advancement for the majority of people, have got to take some notice of that and the impact that it's having.'
  4. 'His passion for the maintenance and advancement of world peace is most evident in the creation of the nonprofit Carter Center in Atlanta in 1982.'
  5. 'He sits on the board of the Equipment Management Council, which devotes itself to promoting the training and advancement of its members.'
  6. 'Programme evaluation is critically important to the advancement of correctional rehabilitation knowledge.'
  7. 'To him, philanthropy meant community advancement, and community advancement must be the business of all citizens.'
  8. 'He insisted that the meeting was designed to ensure the advancement of the integration process and to examine the overall future development of the community.'
  9. 'Nor does it bode well for Canada's economic advancement or political process, which thrives on a well-educated electorate.'
  10. 'Yet this is a state committed to racial equality, and to promoting black advancement, individually and collectively.'
  11. 'I've read a few other biographies that point to the same synergy between civic involvement and career advancement.'
  12. 'In Wales it remained common even in the thirteenth century, and as late as the mid-twelfth was apparently no bar to advancement through the ranks of the higher clergy.'
  13. 'It brought an embarrassing public conclusion to a failed bid for status advancement.'
  14. 'I saw this as a major career advancement, and jumped at the opportunity.'
  15. 'Those who had were not always selected for rapid advancement to senior rank.'
  16. 'It is an exciting business sector with excellent opportunities for career advancement.'
  17. 'They give their employees opportunities for advancement and assist in career building.'
  18. 'He positions the party as a vehicle for career advancement, and not one for the betterment of our society.'
  19. 'For women, career advancement often means personal sacrifices.'
  20. 'They also creating weak ties among individuals - which may contribute to career advancement.'
A development or improvement.
  1. 'The impact of such military-scientific developments led to further advancements in the fields of anatomy and surgery.'
  2. 'Canada's distilleries began to grow thanks to factory production and technological advancements.'
  3. 'Tanrikulu expressed hope that the two of them would be behind great advancements in the development of bilateral relations.'
  4. 'The last five years, however, have seen major advancements, and Romania is now a must visit location.'
  5. 'Technological advancements have delivered major gains in lighting performance.'
  6. 'Now it's back, thanks to the Internet and cost-saving technological advancements.'
  7. 'It's rare in music now that horns are tight - I think it coincides with the supposed advancements of technology.'
  8. 'Technological advancements have obviously paved the way for spectacular improvements in understanding.'
  9. 'Is the quality of life now better for the technological advancements we have made?'
  10. 'But, thanks to the advancements in surgery this has become unavoidable.'


1. an act of moving forward.

2. promotion in rank or standing; preferment: She had high hopes for advancement in the company.

3. Law. money or property given by one person during his or her lifetime to another that is considered an anticipation of an inheritance and is therefore to be deducted from any share that the recipient may have in a donor's estate.


"There can be advancement processes."
"There can be advancement people."
"There can be advancement committees."
"There can be advancement amongsts."
"people can be advanced."
"sciences can be advanced."
"festivals can be advanced."
"educations can be advanced."
"knowledges can be advanced."
"places can be advanced."
"learnings can be advanced."
"researchs can be advanced."
"processes can be advanced."
"people/places/organizations can be advanced."
"minorities can be advanced."
"clearings can be advanced."
"arts can be advanced."
"advancements can be in places."
"advancements can be at colleges."
"years can be advanced."
"advancements can have impacts on lives."
"advancements can reduce people/places/organizations into atmospheres."
"advancements can reduce emissions into atmospheres."
"advancements can make lives for dogs."
"advancements can favour emergences at times."
"advancements can create skills with technologies."
"advancements can create demands with technologies."
"advancements can centre searches at universities."
"advancements can cause drifts to cities."
"advancements can bring increases in salaries."
"advancements can become things in professions."
"advancements can reduce into atmospheres."
"advancements can make for banks."
"advancements can have on lives."
"advancements can create with technologies."
"advancements can make for dogs."
"advancements can go for people."
"advancements can favour at times."
"advancements can depend on prestiges."
"advancements can depend on influences."

Middle English: from Old French avancement, from avancer ‘to advance’.

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