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Render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance.
  1. 'A yellow variety which stains water and has a faint odor is adulterated with the horned-poppy (glaucium).'
  2. 'The contaminated chilli powder has been imported from India, where certain producers have been adulterating their product with the red dye.'
  3. 'Some wine-makers throughout history sought to enhance either the quality or quantity of their product by adulterating the basic raw material, grapes, with other products.'
  4. 'It was illegally added to chilli powder imported in 2001 by a firm in Hull which again did not know the banned substance was present, apparently after producers in India adulterated products with the red dye.'
  5. 'His grin widened, but it was adulterated with some apprehension.'
  6. 'It is supposed to be extra pure, but some believe that it is often adulterated with much cheaper, commercial, hexane, which is not pure and contains various hazardous substances such as the toxic benzene.'
  7. 'Africa also needs adequate regulatory supervision: formal mechanisms which ensure that drugs are not adulterated by the time they reach patients.'
  8. 'Ghee is adulterated to the extent of 80 to 85 percent with Vanaspati.'
  9. 'The rice stored in their school for the noon meal scheme was found to be adulterated with fine iron particles, urea, bits of mortar and what not.'
  10. 'In most cases, these substances are adulterated with other chemicals and pose risks of overdose.'


Not pure or genuine.
    ((p. pr. & vb. n.) of Adulterate)

    Early 16th century (as an adjective): from Latin adulterat- ‘corrupted’, from the verb adulterare.

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