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Excessive admiration or praise.
  1. 'Is it just me or does anyone else find the spontaneous adulation and standing ovation before he's begun slightly embarrassing?'
  2. 'He was not the sort of prince who adored flattery and adulation, public appearances and such.'
  3. 'Years of unimaginable success, glory and adulation were to follow.'
  4. 'Musically this piece exists to excite gasps of admiration, if not downright adulation from the audience.'
  5. 'Though she was happy with the love and adulation that came with fame, she hated waking up early in the morning.'
  6. 'I mean on the one hand I'm sure he loves the glory, and he has to have this public adulation.'
  7. 'Neither, although his comics have brought him a certain degree of wide-eyed adulation, is he any kind of superhero.'
  8. 'Just which job is it that pays a fortune and showers its practitioners with honours and adulation to a great age?'
  9. 'His skills have brought him adulation and riches beyond belief.'
  10. 'I get a lot of appreciation and adulation for the kind of music I create.'
((n.) Servile flattery; praise in excess, or beyond what is merited.)


1. excessive devotion to someone; servile flattery.


"people can be adulated."
"people/places/organizations can be adulated."
"adulations can be for owners."
"adulations can be on streets."
"publics can be adulated."
"predators can be adulated."
"poems can be adulated."
"personalities can be adulated."
"masses can be adulated."
"fans can be adulated."
"behaviours can be adulated."
"adulations can be into supports."
"adulations can be in people."
"adulations can be from crowds."
"adulations can be from civilians."
"adulations can be for champions."
"adulations can be during groupieses."
"adulations can be around testings."
"adulations can be around ambiguities."

Late Middle English: from Latin adulatio(n)-, from adulari ‘fawn on’.

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