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A hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that increases rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and prepares muscles for exertion.
  1. 'The adrenaline was circulating, surging and pumping in the heat of the moment.'
  2. 'The reason for that is that adrenalin will smooth or relax the muscles in the lungs.'
  3. 'The adrenalin and lactic acid had dulled the senses and for a moment she'd forgotten who she was and what was happening.'
  4. 'It is known that adrenalin is the hormone that frees fatty acids of the adipose tissues.'
  5. 'It hardly stirs the blood into a frenzy of adrenalin and expectation.'
  6. 'The adrenaline of the initial shock had worn off a bit, and I was able to take in the enormity of the event.'
  7. 'She said stressful moments were products of adrenaline and cortisone in the body.'
  8. 'This is due to the liberation of the hormone adrenaline at these times.'
  9. 'I felt a huge rush of adrenaline and for the first time knew I was winning.'
  10. 'A doctor came into the room and adrenalin flooded her system, and her heart rate went up.'

noun, Biochemistry, Pharmacology.

1. epinephrine (def 1).


"There can be adrenaline responses."
"There can be adrenaline levels."
"There can be adrenaline goings."
"There can be adrenaline surgings."
"There can be adrenaline receptors."
"There can be adrenaline pumps."
"There can be adrenaline psychosises."
"There can be adrenaline productions."
"There can be adrenaline hydrochlorides."
"There can be adrenaline experiences."
"There can be adrenaline disorders."
"There can be adrenaline dances."
"There can be adrenaline concentrations."
"There can be adrenaline blockers."
"There can be adrenaline administrations."
"adrenalines can be on pressures."
"adrenalines can be through veins."
"adrenalines can be on fields."
"wagers can have adrenalines."
"adrenalines can be into bloodstreams."
"adrenalines can remain in systems."
"adrenalines can pump into bloodstreams."
"adrenalines can course through veins."

Early 20th century: from adrenal + -ine.

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