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A thing which adorns or decorates; an ornament.
  1. 'We find a similar adornment in Israel where a crimson thread was bound around the horns of the goat, the least valuable of the domestic animals.'
  2. 'Neck adornments have been worn since ancient times to signify title or wealth or even just to sop up sweat.'
  3. 'They produce quantities of small adornments of hammered sheet gold, including spiral ear and twisted nose ornaments.'
  4. 'These are the many jewellery makers who turn gold into beautifully crafted adornments.'
  5. 'As the torch was applied to the base of the pyre, men in the surrounding crowd cast their adornments into the flames.'
  6. 'Except the tattooing both sexes are remarkable for their almost entire absence of any marked adornment or ornament of person.'
  7. 'The adornments are severe and simple, but beautifully moulded and always in exquisite taste.'
  8. 'Presenters approached the theme from several distinct positions, creating multilayered biographies of African body adornments.'
  9. 'His less visible piercing, called a hasada, is also a visual adornment.'
  10. 'The father immediately took off his necklaces, his soft fine garments and his other adornments and put on clothes that were ragged and soiled.'
  11. 'precious stones have been used for the purposes of adornment for over 7,000 years'
  12. 'The completed building is a towering rectangular block with almost no decoration, an austere statement and bold break away from the traditional methods of architectural adornment.'
  13. 'They wear ornaments of human bone, which remind us of death, impermanence and renunciation, and as adornment, they wear ashes from cremation grounds.'
  14. 'Of course, some flowers are used for personal adornment, both the blossoms themselves and their essences in the form of perfumes.'
  15. 'Stages of entry into the cult may be marked by transformations of the body or its adornment.'
  16. 'A golden age Gold jewellery is the predominant commercial outlet for gold sales and personal adornment using gold has been a feature of most societies since ancient times.'
  17. 'Those women who have to go out to earn for their families cannot afford adornment.'
  18. 'This was considered very sensuous at the time, as filth and animal feces were considered adornments, like sexy lingerie is to modern women.'
  19. 'Like all human societies, adornment was a marker of status, and in European societies, adornment often meant adornment of clothing.'
  20. 'From the late 15 th century etching came into widespread use as a means of adornment, mainly on pieces of armour.'
  21. 'Nor was the adornment of the person altogether overlooked.'
((n.) An adorning; an ornament; a decoration.)


1. something that adds attractiveness; ornament; accessory: the adornments and furnishings of a room.

2. ornamentation; embellishment: personal adornment.


"There can be adornment motivations."
"buildings can be adorned."
"adornments can be with stones."
"adornments can be with jewelleries."
"adornments can be with clothings."
"adornments can be to lives."
"adornments can be on lips."
"adornments can be on faces."
"tombs can be adorned."
"temples can be adorned."
"springs can be adorned."
"sixtieses can be adorned."
"sales can be adorned."
"markets can be adorned."
"faculties can be adorned."
"cities can be adorned."
"adults can be adorned."
"adornments can be in societies."
"adornments can be in people/places/organizations."
"adornments can be by priests."

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